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Our Previous Home

Okay, let's be real here. I'm a single mom with three kids still at home. We are a real-life, home-centered family, and much of the time our rooms are more messy than clean. We don't own our humble home, we are currently renting. 

My four kids and I moved to this home in January of 2011 while I was going through a divorce. I struggled to muster the will to "nest" here, and invest a lot of time and emotion into making this place feel like a home for us. 

Like most struggles for me, time and God's grace have softened and shaped my feelings and we now have a home  here that is comfortable and really represents our lifestyle. How long will we be in this home? I have no clue! But we'll enjoy it and really live in it while we're here.

One of my goals in this home-and with this blog-is to show you my vision of how to create a life and home that is full of personal style, but doesn't cost a lot. My hope is that it will inspire you to think differently about what you can create in your own space, even if you don't have a big budget. If you've been here for awhile you've seen some of the no money things I've created for our home, the holidays, and for my shop, The Penny and the Pearl. You can see some of those projects here.

So, is all this too much information? Maybe. But I feel like we're friends here, so I don't want to share these rooms without you knowing the spirit of this place. Come on over anytime, but don't expect it to always look like these photos, okay? If you drop by for coffee we'll likely have to push some books and toys out of the way so we can sit and chat. That said, I hope you enjoy a little tour of some of our rooms on their most photogenic days : )

Welcome to our home!

*Click photos for more information on each space

{cozy cottage style living room}

{dining room summer 2014}

{master bedroom update}


{adding vintage charm in a contemporary kitchen}
 {Sweet and Simple Christmas Dining Room}
 {Nature Inspired Fall Foyer}
 {Nature Inspired Fall Foyer-the stairway}
{Fall dining room}


{the Summer living room}

{Winter living room}

{Spring on the back porch}

{dining area}

{dining area}

{Winter master bedroom}



  1. It is all lovely and you have created a wonderful home for your family.

    The pillows on your bed are the same fabric as my old slipcovers on my sofa. I LOVED that fabric and was so sad when it finally just fell apart.

  2. Glad you and your girls are home safe and sound. Even gladder that you had a wonderful time visiting your family, sharing memories, going through photo albums, and probably listening to many stories about times past. I never had any of that with my mother's family (my dad's family was back in the Philippine Islands). I am 73 yrs old and I still very much miss those kind of memories that my siblings and I were deprived of. My mother's Spanish side was a family that was poor but of genteel upbringing. However, I suppose there were a lot of sadness in their lives and nothing was shared or talked about...except for an excerpt here and there. The father of my children had a family much like yours...lots of visits (Oklahoma, Missouri), grandparents to stay with, 5 uncles for my husband to hang around with, etc. I write this to you to have you tell your girls so that when they grow older and perhaps begin to feel that they don't really "need" to go visit the old folks or listen to all the stories...that they will realize how utterly priceless these experiences will be for them when they are grown and with children of their own. You are a great mother to make that trip (I believe it was without A/C in your car???)and give your children such wonderful memories. Warmly, Mary (The Old Elf)

  3. Very pretty home! Thanks for sharing a bit of your personal story. I was a single mom with 3 kids for about 10 years before remarrying. When I got divorced, I rented a place for about 6 years. At first it was hard to make it a home but I had to for my children's sake. I just wanted to make life as "normal" as possible for them while still trying to heal my own wounds. It's not an easy task, as you probably know. You've done a wonderful job creating a home for your family. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  4. So glad I happened upon your blog... it's lovely! Your home is beautiful and I appreciate what it takes to make a rental feel like "home".

  5. Hi Jeanette, I am a new follower via StoneGable. What a beautiful home you have. I love your sense of style, and creativity on a budget (or lack thereof). I also appreciate your transparency on your "about" page. Sometimes life just doesn't turn out the way we think it will, but I love that you are trusting the Lord on this path. God bless! ~Sally @DrinkingFromMySaucer

  6. oops... just tried to subscribe via RSS feed, but your sidebar button doesn't seem to work for me. Just thought I would let you know... Following via Facebook!

  7. I am brand, brand new here, but I love everything I have seen and read. You go girl. What a wonderful Mom you are. I was a divorced mom with three kids......I well understand!!!!!
    Can't wait to go back and read more. You sure rate an A+ in my book!!!!!

  8. So just found you from Must Love Junk! Your home is darling! You have done a great job creating a warm peaceful place - while it might not be your forever place, it is your place right now. Bravo to you for fulfilling your dream of staying home with your kiddos despite the divorce. I also was left with three back in 2001 - it was a devastating time and a long hard battle but God is oh so good and has watched over me and my kiddos every day blessing us with blessings I never dreamed of…… glad to have found your little peace of heaven. Susan

  9. Hi Jeannette,
    Just came across your blog via Stone Gable & love it. You have created a beautiful home for your children and you are to be admired for your strength & faith. I will say a special prayer for you & your family as I head to Mass this evening as the solemn season of Lent starts. Please know that you are an inspiration to all of us. Ann Marie from Philly

  10. Love the look you chose for your house, wonderful ideas

  11. Your honesty is refreshing Jeanette and your home is absolutely beautiful and I am sure it is beautiful all the time because a home full of love is always beautiful :-)

    Hugs and Kisses,l

  12. You may not have two nickels to rub together but you look rich to me. :-)

  13. Beautiful home. I have one question though. Where do you store all these things? I am recently widowed and moving to a small outdated home (think 80's). There is virtually no storage for large objects. The yard is maintained by the homeowners association. Like you I haven't any money and want to redecorate it with what I have so your blog is an inspiration to me. I love the shade you made to cover your dining room light. I hope there are instructions on your blog for it. Found you through Carol at Art and Sand.

  14. You've done such a nice job with your home. It is beautiful and cozy; I've really enjoyed browsing through your lovely pictures!

  15. You have done a great job at making a house a lovely home. I enjoyed taking a peek.

    ≈♥♡≈ Helena
    ─ƤєтαƖ & Lαcє Ƈσттαgє ─


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