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Monday, February 24, 2014

DIY Hutch in the Entryway

Welcome to a new February week, friends!

Recently, I had the honor of being featured in Artful Blogging Magazine. One of the "perks" of that experience was receiving a gift card for Stampington & Company's  online store, The Shoppe at Somerset

If you haven't visited Stampington's website or shop, you will simply be amazed at all of the creative resources they offer. This is not a "sponsored" post, I've really just been a fan of their magazines and website for years! 

So, this week I thought it would be fun to show you a little DIY hutch I made to replace the dresser that's been in the foyer. The dresser has been moved back to the living room {post on that soon} and I decided this would be a good spot to display some of the new things I chose from The Shoppe at Somerset, and start adding a hint of spring to our home. 

For a girl like me who is always on a very tight budget, I'm all about 'shopping' my own house and re-inventing pieces for a new purpose and a fresh look. To be able to have some actual new (!) decor items to play with is such a treat for me! 

Here are the pieces I pulled together to create the hutch that will showcase some of my new pieces alongside some of my timeworn favorites. 

If ever there was a workhorse piece of furniture in my home, this little table is it! 

About 7 or 8 years ago, I was driving home and spotted this table curbside next to the 'leftover' pile from a yard sale. 

Reflecting back now, there may have been voices coming from my family in the van yelling things like, "Nooooo, Mom!" and "Don't do it!!" and "It's reaaaally ugly!!". 


My memory isn't always the best.

Anyway, needless to say, I stopped. The woman who had been hosting the sale came to her front door and said, "Please take it!". 

Alrighty, then!

I stuffed it in the van, ignoring the protests and eye rolling,  and I've never regretted it! 

This sturdy little table has been an end table, a sofa table, a nightstand, a desk, a kitchen island and last Valentine's Day, it even served as our Valentine Love Note Station.

Okay, enough gushing about my little table....

The next piece in the equation is a cute little white bookshelf that I actually paid for at a yard sale many years ago : ) All of five dollars, I think. 

(Sorry, terrible photo)
I removed the wood pieces that the legs are attached to so it could sit on top of the little wood table. 

If the bookshelf never goes back to being a free standing piece again, I will definitely use these for another project. I already have a few ideas brewing...

The last piece I used to create the 'bones' of the hutch is a vintage cabinet door that I also picked up curbside last spring. 

It fits perfectly across the bottom leg braces of the table, creating a generously sized shelf. 
Now, I'm guessing a lot of you would probably paint this table. I have thought about it, but I just like the warmer wood tone and the aged look of it in combination with my other painted pieces. 

It's all ready to add some fun things! 

On the top of the hutch, a little chalkboard I created from an old kitchen cabinet door with my thrift store "N" in front, a vintage scoop and white iron bird. 

My new french farmhouse caddy from The Shoppe at Somerset! It actually has four sections inside and I'm already thinking of all the different ways I'll be able to use it. Fun!

In my last post {over here} I showed you a gorgeous bucket of flowers from my friend. Sadly, this Baby's Breath and greenery are all that's left of it this week. I need another bucket of flowers! 

My old tin pitcher, iron bird, fern print and weathered black frame have been around here a long time. 

On this shelf, a couple of new, and just new to me, items. The composition book and metal library drawer are from Stampington and the old wood finials I picked up at a thrift store this week for about a dollar. 

I know this library drawer is going to be used in many different ways for a long time to come. So many possibilities! 

I haven't had an actual garden for over 3 years, and I couldn't find any of my old tools. I just tucked in this vintage metal scoop because I like the way the aged metal looks with the other items. 

This sweet little bird has been in my collection for quite a few years.

I bought this rustic looking wooden box at a thrift store last year. I don't think it's really as old as it looks, but I thought it had some charm to it. I attached an old wooden knob to it to make it look more like an old drawer. 

If I'm smart, I'll toss my keys in there when I come in the door so I'm not always looking for them!

On the bottom, I started with this wire basket. It was (you guessed it) another curbside freebie last spring.
I can't wait to see what I find at this year's community "Spring Clean-Up"! 

In the basket I placed some old field guides, a vintage black scrapbook cover with a green chalkboard attached to it, another cabinet door chalkboard and the galvanized flower bucket from my friend. 

No, the tulips aren't real. Let's just pretend, okay? ; )

I put my blue kitchen stool next to the hutch for a little spring color.

At one time this iron bird trellis was in my flower garden (at my previous home). I think the white plastic light switch really enhances the rustic look of this piece, don't you? {smile}

I wonder if I'll ever have a garden spot again...

 Looking down to the foyer from the upstairs hallway. 


Here's what this area looked like when I shared it with you this past Fall. {you can see that post here}

 And today with my practically free DIY hutch. 

While I don't "love" not having much money to spend, I do love being able to pull together something new from items I already have. That's part of what Creating a Life means! 

What are you working on this week? I'd love to hear about what's changing at your place!



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Monday, February 17, 2014

It's All About the Flowers!

It's crazy how this happens. 

I really had no thought of re-doing the living room this past week. 

Other than feeling a little tired of the Vintage Door Mantel behind the electric fireplace, I was happily in the post-holiday-let-it-rest phase. Honest!

Then it hit me. That "thing" that makes me suddenly so unhappy with a room, that I must try to do something to change things up. 

Even if it's 10:00 at night. 

Saturday evening I had the sudden urge to empty the living room and start over. Really, there's just no telling when it will strike. All of a sudden I find myself...

...taking things down, pushing furniture around, swapping the farmhouse cabinet and the big yellow bookshelf to opposite walls. The ugly, old, stained-beyond-help rug was hauled to the basement (kids cheering). 

Unfortunately, the "big brown beast" of a sectional will be staying for awhile. 

That is, unless some kind soul wishes to gift me a white slipcovered sofa? {wink wink} : )

It's always been this way for me. 

My mom could happily leave a room the way it is for years. When I was a teenager I drove my parents crazy when they would come home from work to discover I had rearranged a room. 

Usually, they made me put it right back the way it was...sigh. 

Anyway, when the mood strikes me for change, I usually just go for it. I'm still deciding if I will add the third piece to the sectional. Or maybe I'll take the two-cushion section out and put a chair in here? 

As always, I'll be "shopping" my house, and trying to repurpose some time-worn things into new pieces. 

Why am I showing you my disheveled, in-process living room today? 

Well, for the flowers, of course! 

My friend left this bucket of gorgeous flowers at my house yesterday!

They kind of make even a messy space look bright and happy, don't you think? 

In the midst of the mess, focus on the pretty :)

Stay tuned, I'll be back soon to show you how the living room turns out, and share some other things I've been tweaking around here.


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It's another fun way to connect! 

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