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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Vintage Iron Headboard {or two}

The last {and only} time I showed my master bedroom on the blog, it looked like this. 

Last winter, I was adding some reds to my master bedroom to warm up the feel of the room a bit. You can see that post here.

Things have changed quite a bit in this room since then. The electric fireplace has been downstairs in the living room for some time now.

And the big four-poster bed is gone. Unfortunately {or fortunately} I needed to sell some things to make ends meet this past summer, and the bed was one of the things that had to go. 

This area has been a bit in 'limbo' for awhile. But this week as I was photographing a paper wreath for the shop, I suddenly thought I would go ahead and share the oddity that is my current headboard. 

Sort of interesting, huh? 

When the big wooden bed went away, I was left with the queen size mattress and box spring with no queen size bed frame. I turned a smaller metal bed frame sideways and rested the box spring and mattress on it. 

At some point several months ago, I decided to try to make some sort of a headboard out of salvage pieces I had around the house. 

What I ended up putting together was some old chippy table legs with a vintage iron footboard that my oldest daughter and I picked up curbside many years ago. 

I put the table legs up against the wall and set the iron footboard legs on top of table legs. I could have attached them together.

But I didn't. 

With the weight of the footboard resting on the table legs, I attached the iron piece to the wall using several long screws basically pinning it to wall in strategic ('cause I'm so "strategic", ha!) places. 
The table legs weren't going anywhere. I pushed the queen mattress set up against them, and decided to live with it for awhile. 

Then, a couple of weeks ago I switched out (actually gave away) the queen mattress set. In its place now, a smaller full-size vintage iron bed that I've had for many years. My oldest daughter had used it in the basement before she got married a couple of years ago. 

So the full-size iron bed got set up in front of the makeshift footboard/headboard. 

And I don't know if it's just that I've been too lazy to take down the first one, or if I'm starting to like it.....

But it's still there! 

 {Vintage sheet music and dictionary page heart available here}

Had I actually been planning this post, I could have done a better job of straightening the bedspread. We're among friends, right? I didn't feel like fixing it and retaking photos. 

So there you have it, my cool and quirky (or weird and lazy) two headboard bed. 

Carry on : )


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  1. I think it looks great, I love all the layers you created with the headboards. The window and wreath over the bed is also the perfect touch.

  2. I'm from the more-is-more school of decorating, but I think I'd take both the rounded head- and footboard off.

    1. Hmm, that's a possibility, but then I'd have to come up with some other type of frame to hold the mattress and box spring. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I like it. But I still like my square footboard (now your headboard) best.

  4. I love it so much. I have always wanted a wrought iron headboard/footboard but I can never find them anymore. I'm sorry you had to sell your bed but the new bed is beautiful. I love your dusty aqua touches.

    1. Thank you! The "actual" bed (with the rounded head/footboard) we got from a neighbor's yard sale many years ago for around $20.00. I painted it black, then white at some point. The paint is pretty chippy now, which is okay with me. Thanks for coming over, Katie :)

  5. I think I like it the way it is. Without it, I'm afraid it would look too small for the area. And I LOVE the window and wreath above it....beautiful...

  6. This is great Jeanette. Love the layered headboard. So creative and unique. Love those chippy legs they are amazing!!!!! It looks great.

  7. I think you have created a lovely bedroom! I love the layered headboards! So unique and pretty!!

  8. I like it. I actually like it better than your 4 poster looks so creative and fresh. The other bed was nice, but this bed is a symbol of how you can make lemonade! Tasty lemonade. :)

  9. Hi Jeanette,
    Truly love all the chippy white, and iron bed a million times more, I am like you I think it would have to grow on me to layer the two head boards. I am sure it's the height you ar looking for. How about another idea?
    You could remove the headboard thatos against the wall and I am sure it's the height you are after, soooo!
    What if you were to find some salvage boards and wash them with white and make a tall headboard out of them that is kind of barn door-ish! and then mount it to the wall behind the headboard attached to your bead this wood would be another element that will add to the look you are after and would add height to the bed yet have a finished look. I think this look could add and play off each other in a less noticeable design of two head boards layered.

    I really love the transformation from the four poster wood bed to a bed of iron and so much charm. The all white look I feel is a great look for you and a direction of calm in your life. Not to mention that the old bed helped you out of a financial jam and that makes this make over that much more rewarding.
    It is going to be so fun for you to add bits and pieces of white salvage to this room that shows off its grace and beauty :)

    You did an amazing job on your room.
    Thank you Jeanette for taking the time to visit my place to congratulate me on the A/B feature,
    I am in beautiful company with sharing this issue of Artful Blogging with you, along with enjoying the good company I am in.

    See you soon and all your wow-ness! you are creating for you and your family.

    Beautiful Febraury to you.


  10. I think they look grand together! Funny how things workout sometimes....I also love the wreath, it's very pretty.

  11. I think it looks great!! Love how your layered the headboards. Love the window and wreath over the bed pretty!!

  12. Wow… love this room and all you did to put it together…would love to invite you to come by One More Time Events and share it…

  13. Your headboard is so very clever and cute!

  14. I love this idea. How fun. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  15. While I like your four poster and am sorry that you had to sell it this is just adorable ...what you did is original and so pretty!

  16. Hi,
    I just came over from CLH - Your headboard caught my eye. I sleep in a bed very much like your taller iron bed frame next to the wall. Though, I didn't see a picture of this headboard alone with the QUEEN mattress set; I DO like it with the Full bed in front of the old bed frame. I like the interest it adds to the room...and the dimensions.
    I like layers I think.
    I have a wood stove in my livingroom (we use to heat our home) but the wall behind just has a metal sheeting behind to protect the wall. I hung old rusty child sized folding chairs on the sheeting-- for interest and detail. To some it isn't 'pretty'...but I love the layered rustic look.
    AND! No one else has a fire surround like mine.
    Just like your bed...ONE OF A KIND!
    I like it. I love how you have it staged. The imperfectly made bed--screams COZY!
    ...because we ARE among friends.
    It was nice meeting you.

  17. Four posted beds are super romantic, but I Love, love, love your makeover!!!!! Pinning

  18. We gave away our headboard many years ago and now I am sorry. I love your idea and might try to put together odd bits and pieces to make something.

  19. I am new to your blog and to this whole world of decorating blogs although I am definitely not new to decorating and planning. I am very impressed!

    I love the window and wreath treatment over the bed but I think the double headboards are a little busy. I am a great fan of fabric and what I might do is pad and cover the rounded headboard or insert padding and fabric behind it. This would keep the continuity with the rounded footboard and still let you use the larger headboard as your main focal point.

  20. I also really like how everyone brings in their own ideas. It's very inspiring. My New Years resolution is to re-do my bedroom and I am happy to say that I've made a good dent in iy by putting together about 15 bags of stuff for charity and searching and planning out my ideas. Now I just need the money.

  21. Just one more thing. I don't mind the ads on your site since they are for similar products and the don't cover up your blog on my iPod.

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