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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Playing Dress-Up {progress on the rescued cabinet}

If you follow me on Facebook, you've probably seen me share some things before they make it over here to the blog. 

Last Saturday I went to see this darling historic house for rent in Glenwood Springs. If it had a red front door, it could have been right out of a Mary Engelbreit illustration! 

Well, it wasn't meant to be ours. The owner was so bombarded with responses to the ad she had to take it down. But I did appreciate all the good wishes I received on Facebook! 

If you love old houses the way I do, you can imagine how hard it was not lose my heart the minute I stepped inside. It was so full of character and charm, it really was a treat just to get to tour it and dream a little. Sigh...
This "old house thing" has been with me since I was a kid. I've been fortunate enough to live in several historic houses in my life, but darn it, now I have readers who could appreciate the house with me, right?!  {smile}  I'm still holding out hope for 'someday'. 

On to today's progress report of the rescued cabinet! 

Remember this sad sight I shared about a month ago? This pitiful cabinet was in the "free" section at a friend's yard, and for some reason she was just calling to me! I pass up lots of free pieces of furniture, but I had an immediate vision for this old girl. (yes, furniture pieces are female) 

The doors and most of the trim were completely broken off, although all the parts were still here. After getting careful measurements from the owner, I went home to measure the back of my van to see if I could get it home. It seemed like she would just fit, so I went back the next day and wrangled her into my minivan all by myself! The owner wasn't at home, but I bet their neighbors enjoyed the show. Ha!  

When I got it home, I realized the particle board back was just crumbling, so I pulled that off first thing. 

The cabinet landed in the "possibility pile" in the garage while I thought about how to approach it with my usual zero budget. I know a lot of people would automatically think 'paint', but I was picturing her with the crown molding back in place and the lighter areas where the hinges were attached, and pieces had broken off, stained to match the rest of the cabinet. 

I could see her in the dining room full of white dishes, with a dropcloth curtain draped across the bottom shelves for concealed storage. 

I'm not finished with her, but this week I had fun playing "dress-up" with this rescued old girl! Here's what I've done with her so far. 

See all the lighter areas where there's no stain where the hinges from the doors were, and pieces of wood had fallen off? She needed a little "makeup". 

I was anxious to get some visual results with this, but I didn't want to wait until I could afford to get stain, so I came up with an alternative. I lightly sanded the areas I wanted to darken. 

I put some of this 500 year old {okay, really the price sticker on the bottle is from a store that went out of business over 10 years ago} brown iron oxide craft paint in a jar and mixed it with some water. I brushed/ rubbed it into the light areas of the wood until they sort of blended with the rest of the wood tone. Don't look too closely. I tacked the crown molding back in place.

And then the dressing up began. I just couldn't wait to see my vision confirmed a little, even if it's not really "finished" yet. As you can see, she's still sporting the "backless" look.

I gathered some pretty accents, and began trying out some fabric for the 'skirt'. 

I strung a piece of twine across the cabinet and secured it with upholstery tacks. Remember, we're just playing here, so this might not be what I would choose permanently. 

Then again...


 What do you think? It's amazing how a new outfit can make you feel completely different. 

Sometimes it's fun to play dress up when you need a little encouragement to see your vision through to the end. I'm not exactly sure what her final purpose will be, but I know I'm not sorry I rescued this old girl! 

Thanks for stopping by to see her progress today!


The rescued cabinet is currently being used in my creative space! Click over here to see more. 


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  1. I love how it's looking. It is going to be darling.

  2. Love what you've done with the cabinet! It's really a great piece. And Oh, what an adorable cottage for rent...
    Mary Alice

  3. She's looking very pretty so far and I know she's going to be happy in her new home!

  4. Jeannette, I love this piece with what you've done, and I think you should leave as it is now! Maybe even take the skirt off, and it looks good that way too! Both ways!

  5. Jeanette how beautiful. What a wonderful transformation. You have re loved this piece into a master piece. So gorgeous.

  6. I love it, Jeanette! I think it looks great just as you are showing it. Too bad about the house ~ it certainly looks like a charming home. I love older homes that look like cottages.

  7. Oh i do love it and you have it decorated so beautifully. How fabulous is this.

  8. I love it how people can see possibility in an old, unattractive, beat up piece like you can! Wow I think its beautiful with just your "playing"! Can't wait to see the final incarnation.

  9. You sure did have an eye for a wonderful makeover on this looks OUTSTANDING!!! Love how you added the curtain. Hope to see it over at Show and Share on Monday.


  10. It turned out it! The curtain is the perfect pretty!!

  11. Sorry about that sweet old house, but thanks for sharing it! Jeanette, the cabinet is looking up! I think the curtain thing is good, and i'd like to see it with a ruffled header on it. Ticking would be rather cute, too. But I was thinking she might deserve to be dressed a little fancier, with a softer cotton or cotton/polyester curtain with an old Battenburg lace trim at the bottom....just my idea, for what it's worth!

  12. Oh, Jeanette, you have done a fantastic job so far. I know it will be wonderful when you are finished.

    I am so sad about that house. It had your name all over it.

  13. Adorable's hard to lose something you like even though it was not to be. He must have something even better for you! I love your "dress-up" on the cabinet, and backless is not really a bad look...if she's sturdy enough. My furniture is all female, too! Martha, Annie...too bad they can't meet each other. :)

  14. Oh Jeanette, you are a lady after my own heart...Sorry you were one of many who were disappointed with not getting to be a strong contender on getting the house, but I know a he has something so much bigger in store for you, one with just the right location, rent, and beauty to wow you and you creative beauty... One that you will say to yourself this is the one for me and so worth waiting for.

    Loving your cabinet/shelving unit, I so would love one like it or similar to it mounted to a wall with a bank of old French pottery filled in it. I just restored a smaller cabinet in my latest post and got so involved with it that I never took before pictures, then realized when it was all together I should have. I took and replaced the glass adjustable shelving with wood shelves by having Home Depot cut to size the width and length, I then screwed them into the unit from the outside in and puttied the holes to hide the screws liking the effect. Best part was the backing, a scrap of breadboard plywood backing was cut by Home Depot with a perfect fit, a little wood glue on the trim to hold and I went to town screwing the breadboard paneling to the back of the cabinet, the backing really sturdied the piece up allowing me to hang it on a wall or set it on the chest just like a china cabinet.
    Keep your eyes pealed for even a plywood back 1/4 inch or even 1/2" inch you can paint it, or even paper it to hide what you used it could then even be mounted to a wall if need.

    You will find so many uses for this unit, and I know you to change things up from time to time; I am going to enjoy seeing what you have done with it here and there :)

    Prayers and big blessings for that perfect old home to come your way.

  15. I love this! I might even be tempted to put some ruffles on that curtain similar to the ones I found on Pinterest. Just search for 'ruffled curtains on Pinterest' and take a look....

  16. Okay, trying to share on FB--having issues with FB!

  17. The cabinet turned out BEAUTIFUL!! And that house...WOW! I dream of living in an older house again someday too. When it's "meant to be" will "be"...right??

  18. Fantastic transformation Jeanette. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy 4th of July!

  19. I stopped by from MMS. You did a wonderful job with the cabinet & the styling! When you showed the cabinet without the skirt, my heart skipped a beat. I think it's stunning (very Pottery Barn- ish) with no skirt and no back. Looooove!

  20. I L-O-V-E this!!! I am glad you did not paint the entire thing. Great thinking in using craft paint. Turned out wonderful.

  21. Great idea. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home.

  22. I want to come play! Just playing huh? I think she's a doll and I vote here as a keeper! What a talent you have. That house was a beauty for sure. You will find the one some day! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  23. I loved that you saved her! I actually love it without the skirt, just clean and simple. I can see so many different ways to use the extra storage.

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