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About Creating a Life

     My name is Jeanette, and I am not where I planned to be.  
A few years ago my world was turned upside down when my husband left. Everything I thought I knew about my family, and where we were headed, ceased to exist. 
     I’m now a single (and totally broke, I might add!) mom of four kids. My oldest is 21 and married, my youngest is 5.
    God is leading me into this new world of blogging, as I inch forward onto each stepping stone of grace that He provides for me each day. I could not make it without His love and faithfulness!
     So here I am, endeavoring to find my way into a whole new life that is authentically "me". Somehow this blog will play a part in laying the foundation for what's to come next.
     I have no idea where all this is leading, but I have a quiet assurance that this is where I’m supposed to be.
     I don’t have the “forever husband”. I don’t have the 100 year old farmhouse in the country that we dreamed of for our kids (and grandkids!). I don’t have two nickels to rub together!
     But I know God put me here for a reason and I’m very excited to watch how this all unfolds.
     I hope you will come along on the adventure with me as I step toward “Creating a Life…on the stepping stones of grace”.
I’m so happy you‘re here!

*If you would like a little pre-Creating a Life background on me, you can find a fun "spotlight" post over here at Must Love Junk.