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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tour Through Blogland Continues!

This photo is from one of the very first "practice" blog posts I wrote while my 15 year old was trying to teach me how to use blogger almost two years ago!
Yes, my kids and I really did have a cookies and lemonade picnic at the park this day. I put homemade lemonade in a pretty bottle I had saved from some previous occasion and we headed out with our pretty glasses and tablecloths! The kids look so little! I wonder if they'd still be up for doing this with mom? Hmmm....

Okay, on to the blog tour! 

Recently I was invited by Carol at Art and Sand to participate in a tour that's been travelling through blogland. It's sort of a "getting to know you" theme, with the added element of inviting other bloggers you are inspired by and getting to introduce you to them. Pretty fun, right? 

I have been a fan of Carol and her blog for quite some time and was so happy that she thought of me! 

We have in common that we both grew up in the San Gabriel Valley in southern California, but I'm now in Colorado and she is enjoying life in a darling beach cottage.  

I will not be jealous...I will not be jealous...

When you visit Art and Sand, you will be treated to happy color, creative projects galore {not to mention her husband's amazing artwork!} and sometimes even a walk on the beach.

Carol's welcoming and friendly spirit will keep you coming back to see what's she's up to!

The tour involves answering four questions about your blog, so here goes:

#1 What are you working on right now? 

I'm a single mom with three kids at home, so there's always a lot of things in the works. Kid stuff, homemaking, blog writing, The Penny and The Pearl and other selling venues tend to be intertwined day in and day out. 
What I'm working on now that will be specifically for sharing here soon is getting my creative sprawl space pulled together to share at the 2014 Where Bloggers Create party at My Desert Cottage

Where Bloggers Create

Part of that process will include a project I'm working on to turn an old dresser into a functional work surface/island so I don't have to show you my dining room table again!

I shared a little sneak peek of this on my Facebook page the other day, so now I feel committed! haha
Wish me luck on this project, okay? 

My blog posts are very rarely planned in advance. I admire those bloggers who have a schedule, or posts written weeks or months in advance. Maybe someday I'll be able to operate that way, but for now my posts are mostly about whatever is happening right now.

#2 How does my work differ from others? 

The focus of most projects I share on my blog is creating unique things for your home without spending money, so I guess that sets me apart a little. I'm very inspired by other bloggers, and sometimes I just want to do something they've done because I'd love it in my own home!
But many times what I create is something just pulled from my imagination. 

I'm a single mom on an extremely tight budget. That's just the way it is right now.

 I simply don't have the money to go retail shopping and share all the new things I bought for our home, or to create a project. Besides, there's plenty of other bloggers doing that beautifully! 

Even during times in my life when money was abundant, I was still shopping thrift stores, yard sales and creating things. 

I am constantly looking at things I already have - whether it's an existing piece of furniture that's not working for us, or random materials I've thrifted or picked up for free - and just figuring out how to make something new out of it. I completely love pouring heart and soul into Creating a Life - creating something - with more imagination than money. Plus I just get bored looking at the same things all the time!  

I think using vintage and handmade items can create a much more personal space. My hope is that in some way what I do will inspire someone not to give up on having a space they love just because they don't have a big budget.  

#3 Why do I write/ create what I do? 

God gave me the vision for a blog, some blog (I really didn't know much about what blogging was!) during a very low point after my divorce. I didn't know exactly what it would be about, but I felt an overwhelming sense that I just needed to start, and He would show me where to go with it. 

What has evolved over the past 20 months or so is a real love of sharing with you that you don't have to have a lot of money to create a unique and personal home that you will love to spend time in, even if it's a rental home that isn't really your style! 

I write about it on my blog to hopefully inspire others to create their own unique things. Just knowing you all are here to share it with inspires me to want to do more! I also want to publicly acknowledge God's leading and grace to us as we continue on this journey. We simply can't underestimate His plan for our lives, even if it looks like something we never even thought of!  

The things I create for The Penny and The Pearl are things that I would want to have in my own home. Many decor items I create are one-of-a-kind. You aren't going to see it in someone else's space, because there's only one! 

Unique Vintage Glass with Iron Bird Mini Cloche Reclaimed Wood Base

Other things I can make in larger quantities, but they are still created with unique elements that aren't copied from something else. 

Vintage Cottage Style Bird Family and Nest Hanging Pots Painted Peat Pots

It's such an honor when someone wants something in their home that you've created! I don't take that lightly. It's a blessing to be able to do something you absolutely love, and know that it helps provide for your children at the same time. 

#4 How does your writing/ creative process work? 

Well, it's a great big mess! Haha. My writing process {I've written a couple of magazine articles, as well} has always been pretty similar to my creative projects, or even rearranging the furniture!

I start with a general vision of what I want to convey. I pull all the elements together that I might possibly want to include. {I refer to this as "the possibility pile"} I rearrange words, or project parts, or furniture. Add things, take things away, tweak and adjust, toss the unused words or parts or furniture to the side, and voila! 

Isn't it that way for everyone? : )

And now, it is my great pleasure to continue the tour by introducing you to two more bloggers whose talent and style and creativity inspire me on a regular basis- Katie from Let's Add Sprinkles and Larissa from Prodigal Pieces!
Let's Add Sprinkles

"I'm constantly redoing things around the house because I believe styles are always changing. Blogging started as an outlet and distraction during a painful season of my life. It became a way to journal about faith and family, to express my creativity and show off DIYs and frugal finds."-

Prodigal Pieces

"Larissa, from Prodigal Pieces, is homeschooling mother to 6 children and owner of Prodigal Pieces, her Etsy shop.  Her blog is where she loves to share her passion for redeeming cast off furniture, showcasing her vintage finds, and creating handmade repurposed goods.  DIY is her forte and she shares projects for you to do on your own, from home décor to furniture." 

Visit the Prodigal Pieces shop here!


  1. Jeanette,

    I just loved your answers to the questions. And, you create amazing things on a budget. Actually, I will remove the "on a budget" part and just say, "you create amazing things".

    Thanks for the sweet write up about me and now I have to check out Prodigal Pieces. I already follow Let's Add Sprinkles. I will check them both out next week when they answer their questions.

    Make it a great day!

  2. I've got this tour coming up as well Jeanette. I really enjoyed reading your answers to those four questions. You do a great job on a budget. I think you've made your home very "you" even though you feel it is not your style.

  3. Jeanette,
    This was really fun to read your answers to the questions. I love all your creative accomplishments. Love that you can relove things on a budget into your decor.

  4. Lovely! Sometimes the things you create on a tight budget out of necessity end up being your favorite things of all! It looks great, Jeanette.

  5. I love your post. Thanks for the invitation. I'm thrilled to follow you.

  6. I am up so very late, packaged up your piece and will get it off to you today.
    Now my dear you speak my language here when it comes to budget. Having access to a large design cash flow from developers who hire my designs to decorate high end model estate homes is fun, but never and not as fun as junking, the hunt for a great find, and something now and then curbside FREE!
    I on a regular basis will say to my daughter to watch for wood pieces dumped on the curbs that I can tear apart for signs, or my theatres, or a new old top to a small side table I may be working on. I often pass up deals because of funds, or just because I know I can make it or find it much cheaper down the line. After my divorce I had to buckle down on spending, taking on the full responsibility of home and raising 2 children at the time, the economy hit here in Southern Calif, and it affected my job along with all the builders and developers, I was taking on way more then I could chew, but knew with God at the helm of it all, that he will see me through, many tears brought me to blogging and like you Jeanette it was a nudge from God in this direction that I would meet up with beautiful like bloggers who share in so many ways the very things that inspire who I am and what I want to share with them.

    I am amazed at how you carry this new life on your shoulders, yet also know how it's done! And with Gods hands in it your needs are met. I know times are hard, and getting through them on our own is not the answer, God is here to bless you and I know big blessings are ahead of you!
    Keep your eyes pealed for treasures, I even ask neighbors when I see old tables in there yards if they want to sell or have me tow it away? They often want to give it away, and that's when I get creative.
    Kate from Salvage Dior does just that she amazes me with all the road side treasures she finds to reimage it into something creative for her home or guest cottage.

    Well, Jeanette you have created a talent in creating things from what it was into what it has become giving it the right kind of rightness for your home and family.

    Love getting to know you.
    Keep inspiring your beauty.


    1. Sorry, late answering Dore. I don't know why your comments do not come to my email anymore, so I sometimes don't see them until days later! There is (despite the challenges) something wonderful about being forced to be more creative when I *could* be more lazy about things :) Thank you again for always being so encouraging to me and sharing your beautiful perspective on life.
      I am a big fan of Kate, as well! She has been an inspiration to me.
      I hope you have a wonderful week!

  7. Jeanette,
    I enjoyed this glimpse into your blog and life so much. Your answer to #3 encouraged me in my own blogging. Taking a step forward and allowing God to show the way. . .yes, that's it. I love your style, vision, and unabashed faith in God. You truly are creating a life. . .a beautiful life. . .and spreading inspiration and grace all along the way. Hugs, Nancy

  8. What a wonderful testimony, Jeanette! God has richly blessed you with strength and you are truly amazing! Thank you for sharing yourself and sending a shout-out to Katie and myself AND for inviting me on this tour. I truly look forward to everyone's visit next week. Bless you!

  9. Thanks so much for sharing some background about you and your blog, Jeanette! You are doing a wonderful job of creating a beautiful home on a small budget - which I think many can relate to!

  10. It was a pleasure to know more about you. My dining room table was 'Craft Central' for many years. I too enjoy creating something out of nothing - or at least out of very little. I grew up in a family that may as well have invented the phrase Reduce. Reuse. Repurpose. and frankly, even when and if I had the funds preferred DIY. (My motto is, The only thing I like better than cheap is free.) Congratulations on making the life you envision for yourself. Angels to you!

  11. Jeanette, I was thrilled when I saw that Carol had asked you to be included in this event. Both you and Carol are two bloggers that have inspired me so very much! I am happy that I will be joining this tour on the 14th. You are so very creative and I love seeing what you are up to. Enjoyed your answers! Thanks for sharing with SYC. I am not familiar with the two blogs you featured. Will go visit.

  12. I do know Katie. Senior moment I guess! lol!

  13. Jeanette, I love your style, your projects and your attitude! You're such an inspiration and I enjoyed reading more about you :)

  14. What a great post Jeanette. I'm so glad I stumbled on this, I didn't even know about this tour through blogland...I've been gone a lot this summer but what a great idea. I loved hearing your answers, and I totally relate to the thrill of decorating with thrift store and curb side discoveries. There's something so exhilarating about staring at an object and transforming it with our creative energies.
    I hope you and the kids are having a fun weekend.

  15. Jeanette, it's so fun read a little more about you. I am inspired by how you decorate...and how you live!! Wishing you many blessings as you continue down this lovely road God has planned out for you :) Laurel

  16. Such a fun read Jeanette - I was a single Mom of 3 before I met John - so we have a lot in common !
    Your home is just beautiful - and I NEED to have that trunk at the foot of your bed!

  17. I always enjoy seeing what you're up to! I love your imagination, thrifty style and creativity. Thanks so much for sharing.

  18. I loved reading your story! You have great style and are so creative.

  19. Great story of your blogging. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home.

  20. Thank goodness you don't want any retail therapy because then we would never get to see all the beautiful things your creative mind comes up with.

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