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Friday, April 5, 2013

Homekeeping {and Pretty Kitchen Linens!}

When we're in a season of waiting, and we are asking God to do something for us, it can be helpful to take a look at our lives and our homes and see if we are doing our best with what we already have.  
In other words, is it realistic to ask God for "more" (bigger house, better opportunities, more stuff, better job, more money, better stuff, nicer car, etc) if we aren't doing the best we can with what we've already been blessed with

This teaching hit home many years ago when my husband and I (and 3 kids) wanted out of our tiny 960 square foot house with a little patch of yard-and into something "bigger and better". Every time we tried to sell, or made an offer on a bigger place, some obstacle came up preventing our move and we were frustrated. I became aware that I probably was not honoring the home I already had to the best of my ability. After all, when you are spending all your time trying to be rid of something, you aren't likely caring for it, or showing appreciation for it, the best you can. I know I wasn't!

When I started actively thanking God for what we already had, trusting his timing, and taking better care of things (the best I could in 960 sq ft with 5 people!), things changed drastically. Long (er) story for another time.

Anyway, I was very convicted about my house last week, and a blogging break was in order to take care of some things. As a home centered family, things tend to get pretty messy and cluttered around here. It can get to the point where I cannot think clearly, or be creative (or even be nice!) which is what had happened. 

I'm not asking God for a better house, but I am asking him to move in other ways in my life and I want to do a better job of paying attention to how I'm tending what I already have. Is that really hard for anyone else, or is it just me??

That being said, I just want to show you some pretty pictures today! Yay for a moment of being shallow! : )

Recently, I won a giveaway over at twelveOeight for a shop credit to the Frugal Ain't Cheap Etsy shop. I've never won anything before, and I was SO excited! 

I've been a fan of Daniela's blog and shop for some time, and I knew it would be hard to choose what I wanted from the shop!  I really did need kitchen towels, so it was such a blessing to be able to pick from her pretty creations. I ended up getting a set of 3 "standard" size towels, a set of 2 large towels (I might use those for something else...) and a set of 4 dropcloth placemats. 

A few new things is a great excuse to play around and take some photos of the dining area, right?

I tried the placemats both ways. Vertically, with the numbers in front of the plate.

And horizontally, with the numbers to the side of the plate. Which direction do you prefer? I hope my rumpled tablecloth isn't too distressing for the perfectionists out there. This is my design style-a little messy, a little pretty : ) 

  Cake stand available here

In our previous home, we had a large patch of lavender right outside the front door. This little sprig is a keepsake of that. It's not in very good shape anymore, but I still think it has a little charm left in it!

I thought I'd throw in one with the refrigerator so you can see how small the dining area really is. We still usually eat around the island in the kitchen (just to the left) so we don't really need more of a dining room than this right now, anyway : )

Earlier this week, my oldest daughter brought each of us a "Happy Spring!" gift, and mine was this beautiful white mug with a pretty bird on the handle. I just love it! 
I'd just like to point out that every item in this room is either handmade, thrifted, gifted or now won! {Except for my dining table and chairs, from JCPenney about 5-6 years ago!}

Being able to get a few new pretty things is such an enormous treat for me! Thanks again to Daniela, Tanya, and my daughter Tess!

Farmhouse bucket available here

Hoping you all have some pretty in your weekend! 


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  1. You hit the jackpot! Those linens are all very pretty, AND I like the new birdie on your title... your post convicted me as I prepare for company and for packing up. God has given me the job of always creating HOME no matter what- it's an honor and I want to excel! Thanks for your insight and be prepared to get that table mussy- the Jones' are coming! :) Dina

  2. Beautiful pics, and lucky you to be the winner. I center my life around our family and home also and I don't always have the time to do what others want of me, but I have made a commitment to live a life centered around my kids while they are still in the nest, and so far I wouldn't change a thing:) Lovely post today!! God Bless

  3. I LOVE that you put the placemats vertically!! I always put mine horizontally, but that looks really cool. I am so glad you love you new towels too...that's what I use everyday.

  4. I love the placemats and towels, congrats on the win!

  5. Love those linens! I adore the simple No.1 etc. I find that some of those kinds of table setting linens can go a bit overboard with the wording but I love those.

  6. What a lovely kitchen/dining area! I would have chosen the exact same linens, congrats! And they're really beautiful photos, too:)

    Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home}

  7. Wow...the timing of your words were perfect for me today!! Yep, I am in "that place" myself. Think I need to make some changes around here too :) Thanks for the encouragement today!!

  8. Gorgeous photos!
    Greetings from Italy
    Cristina and Laura

  9. Beautiful pictures! Love those linens.
    I'm visiting you today from Make It Pretty Monday. I hope you get a chance to stop by my blog and leave a comment and Link Up, too!
    ~ Megin of VMG206
    Spring Hello

  10. Jeanette, I love your choices. Congrats on the win! I like the placemats both ways. Kind of fun to mix them up. Your pictures are all beautiful. May be a small home, but oh so lovely!

  11. love it all!!

    no help on your decision. sorry


  12. Your post hit right on what I've been dealing with/trying to work on lately (and you put it so eloquently!)I LOVE anything with numbers, so I love your linens! (congrats)...I vote for the number in front of the plate :)

  13. Jeanette, your home is beautiful and your consideration of how you use and love what you have is inspiring. I'm so glad you won Daniela's towels. They have a sweet and simple charm, don't they? They look wonderful on your table. I can't decide which way I like the numbers. Maybe one way on one day and one way on another. That's the solution of the indecisive.

  14. Your pics are adorable !!!! Not always is bigger better.....I have recently downsizes to a town home and I am very happy. I like to think we are in cozy cottages!!!! Love your style darlin!!!! Blessings Deb Vintage On A Dime

  15. I love your dining space - it seems so serene. the crinkly look is a great contrast with the smooth surfaces - it adds textures. The new towels and place mats are wonderful gifts!

  16. What a lovely win, and it's fun to see how you're using your choices from the etsy shop.
    Mary Alice

  17. Your mix of linens is gorgeous to me! All the elements are so good to look at. The white dishes and lettering... Sweet!

  18. Oh, my! EVERY photo makes me want to relax in your lovely home.

    And, I am heading over to Daniela's Etsy shop right now.

  19. I love your linens! Looks wonderful! Nicole from Southern Charm

  20. That is a wonderful message and reminder about making the best of what we have. Your table setting is so pretty ~ I love it!

  21. Very pretty! The linens are lovely. I also like and follow Daniela's blog. You are so right about enjoying and appreciating what we have.

  22. I love all these ideas..the placemats are beautiful! Come link up to centerpiece Wednesday and share your post

  23. Oh, I love kitchen linens and love all the French labels!! Your sweet little lavender...isn't amazing how long they keep their fragrance?! ~Lorraine

  24. Those are just lovely. Hope you will join our party!

  25. I know the feeling of wanting/needing more but I would say you have taken your insight about that to heart. You have done a marvelous job creating such a warm, inviting home! Your pictures show that! I'm so happy you won a give-away and the items you chose are perfect! To answer your question.. I prefer the number facing the person. Meaning it's below the plate, not to the side. Just my opinion!!!

  26. By the way, I just became your newest follower!

  27. How wonderful to read about good things happening to good people! I also am happy that you won a give-away and love the items you chose. They go so well with your style...the labeled bucket with the sown herb looks like it meant to be with the towels. Your daughter also knows your style and has a good eye herself. The cup with the bird is perfect. I like the place mat with the number to the side...something a little different than expected, AND it's not in the way of the diner.

    One more new follower...Judith

  28. Congratulations on your win! Those linens are just darling. And your home looks so inviting and cozy :)

    Sarah ~

  29. Just stunning Jeanette!!!! CLarice

  30. Those are really so pretty kitchen linens. The placemats, towels are really so cute and everything is here are adorable.
    A big hug!!!!

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