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Friday, March 1, 2013

Old, New, Borrowed and Blue {Spring Dining Room}

An interesting thing is happening as I look at Pinterest and other blogs. I'm noticing a definite theme emerging in the rooms I'm most attracted to.  
I do enjoy many different design styles and color combinations from very pale to very colorful. But the combination I seem to be most drawn to (regardless of style) usually involves these elements:  

Whites and neutrals paired with warm wood tones or some black. A hint of something green and fresh looking (a live or faux plant, faux boxwood, moss, etc). Add an interesting mix of vintage and new and a little pop of happy color and you have my ideal combination. 

I really didn't plan that combination when I was sprucing up the dining area for Spring. But as I worked on the space, there it was! I guess it's just "me". 

Old, New, Borrowed and Blue

I can't begin to tell you how this describes my life, but we'll just stick with the application to my space for now....

Some blue...

You can see a little of how this old window used to look over here. 
Over Valentine's Day it was a rustic white with old sheet music love songs behind the glass.
I decided to paint this side of it a pretty Spring blue. The other side of it is still the natural wood color that I prefer for Fall and Winter.

Some new...

 I picked up these darling Pottery Barn white cups recently and I love the way they look with the old ironstone pitchers against the blue window!

 My sweet little cast iron chick is beginning to get some rust spots, but it only makes me like her more.

Some old...

 This was my grandmother's silverware caddy, and the basket has a little story as well.

I always love the look of putting together something new with pieces that have a history. 

About ten years ago I was at a church rummage sale. There was a sweet old man sitting on the lawn with his items for sale. I immediately approached him about the basket and he told me that he and his wife used it for picnics for many years until she passed away! Well, how could I not take it? (I think he let me have it for about $2.00).

I have used it for many different things (including the occasional picnic) but now it mostly gets used to hold table linens and just look cute. It's sweet to think of how it has someone's happy memories attached to it

I don't have many gold frames in my house, but I love the way this aged frame suits the print of a sheep farm next to a lake. I bought this at a local antique shop some years ago because it reminds me so much of a lovely real sheep farm close to our home. It is even next to a lake. Who knows, maybe it is actually a picture of that farm!

Old and that.

You can see what the chippy blue board was in a different life over here

It's funny how the camera can make a space look more expansive. I've mentioned before that my kitchen/dining area/living room is one open space, and it is not a large space at all. 

In fact, the refrigerator is just to the left of the white dresser.

The little chest of drawers used to look like this. I hope it's not too upsetting that I painted it! I only paid $12.00 for it and it's not in good shape. I kept it the original finish for a long time, but finally decided to go ahead and paint it last year.

Someday I might decide to work on some of it's structural issues, but for now I think it's perfectly cute and very handy for storing the kids' art supplies, games etc.

Another yard sale vintage picnic hamper that has served so many useful purposes over the years.

Okay, now tell the truth. How many of you are mentally writing "N" words and embellishments all around the initial? I keep doing that!

{An "I'm a dork" side note on the chalkboard with the large initial: The chalkboard is old and we really use it despite the surface being very rough and worn. A couple of months ago I found the large wooden "N" (my initial) at the thrift store for .20cents. I brought it home (duh) added the little wood overlay I already had and painted it white. Kinda cute for .20cents, right? While puttering around trying to decide what to do with it one day, I thought, "Hey, I wonder what it would look like on the blackboard?!" Bad idea. I put a few pieces of scotch tape on the back of it to just stick it temporarily so I could get a look at it. When I went to remove it, it tore off the blackboard surface! Ugh! Lots of kicking myself...
So there the "N" stays until I get motivated to re-surface the chalkboard. }  

And there's my little pop of happy color! A bright pink Geranium my daughter gave me, in my grandmother's red-trimmed enamelware "chamber pot" {I think it was only used for plants and such. If anyone in my family knows otherwise, please keep it to yourself :) }

I guess the "borrowed" part of the equation is the history that comes along with many of the things I love. There are stories of loves and lifetimes long ago represented here. The history and the memories are just on loan, and I will gratefully tend them. 

Thank you so much for stopping by! I do so appreciate you taking the time to visit me and my dining room : ) 
I'm loving all the beautiful Spring inspiration everyone is sharing!


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  1. Everything looks beautiful...

  2. I love the sheep farm print - I really like adding sheep to my spring decor.

  3. what a beautiful space you have put together. Sorry to hear about the chalkboard!!... but the N looks cute

  4. Hi Jeanette
    Everything you put together is simply gorgeous. I love your style and refreshing vignettes. Have a wonderful weekend!!


  5. So many pretty details! Love that blue window. It is the perfect color.

  6. Debra this is utterly charming!! So pretty, fresh and light. Love the Geranium. They are an all time favorite. The whole vignette is just wonderful!!

  7. Debra,
    This is really pretty. I love your vignette. I love the pop of blue with the window. Really nice.

  8. Jeanette,
    I'm lvin' everything that you have done in this room...the pop of blue is GREAT!!! Hop over on Monday and see who is featured at NTT:)


  9. It all looks so pretty! puts me in a spring mood.

  10. Loved reading and looking and looking at all the parts of your post today. A visual treat with humour. Visiting from Creative Cain Cabin.

  11. Everything looks so pretty! So inspirational. Have a great week!

  12. What an absolutely gorgeous space - every loving details shows up so beautifully - the little bird - the window - the chalkboard - well I could go on and on ( the picnic basket, see? )
    You did an amazing job - truly inspirational )

  13. I always enjoy hearing the stories of found items. How sweet that you were able to take on the picnic basket that belonged to that man. I passed up a darker version of that basket on Saturday because I had just gotten another picnic basket at another sale, and I've been kicking myself ever since. They wanted $3 for the one I passed up and I didn't know where I would put it, so I passed. It is such an adorable style. Your room is so pretty. Love the little pop of geranium color too!
    Liz @ Quirky Vistas

  14. i really love that $12 dresser, jeannette! and the story of basket, and your chalkboard (sorry about the tape:), and your cute window:) very cute corner!

  15. You have created a lovely vignette with your pretty (and affordable) finds. The dresser looks lovely in white.

  16. That looks so fabulous! I am in love with your dining room!

    hugs x

  17. It looks so cute!!! Thanks for joining Welcome Home Wednesday!!!! Deb:)

  18. All your "borrowed" history pieces look great together. It is hard to pick a favorite, but i think I would have to go with the oval framed sheep print on the window. (I collect sheep and windows.) Thanks for such an enjoyable post.

  19. Such an inviting space! Love the blue window. That basket has a sweet story, and I like the look of the white linen on top!

  20. Just lovely...I really LOVE your sweet style!!

  21. Hi, Jeanette

    I just love all the beautiful decor you have displayed. I am loving the neutral with white and a pop of green or buttery yellow. Just enjoyed your lovely blog and I am a new follower. Thank you for sharing and love for you to stop by


  22. This might just be my second comment LOL. I keep clicking your post in the parties! Fantastic job ;)

  23. I am over from SYC.

    I love your decor style. I can see how much love was poured into creating this space. That's why i like 2nd treasures because of the touching stories behind it, like the history of the sweet picnic basket!

    I am your newest follower. Would love you to follow me along!:)


  24. I have an old window waiting for a make over, and I love that you painted yours two different colors to work with the seasons - brilliant! Your dining room is beautiful! Happy Thursday from the enchanted oven.

  25. Love your window vignette and the oval farm picture is perfection. Love the picnic basket and it's story too!

  26. Hi Jeanette!
    Wow gal! Everything looks so lovely!! Love the old window and the shelf!! Just a great look! Thanks so much for sharing at Blissful Whites Wednesday!
    Have a delightful weekend!

  27. You have a wonderful way of blending just the right elements to create something beautiful! Thank you for sharing at Pretty Things, you are featured tonight :)

    xo, Tanya

  28. wonderful and beautiful post, and I'm loving the tiny framed print of sheep!!

  29. Hi Debra, I love the entire look! White and soft blue, what's not to love? I know what you ean about painting an old piece. I recently got my fathers old desk. It was dark wood. I decided to paint it but left the drawers dark. I wanted a reminder of what it was like when he sat at it. I never knew him because he passed away when I was only 9 mnths. old. I love mixing old with new. Love the geranium in the chamber pot. I have one just like it. It is not a family heirloom and I always hope it was never actually used. lol! Oh well, I guess what I don't know won't hurt. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  30. Everything looks so lovely and I am just loving your vintage sheep print!


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