Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lights, Fabric, Action!

I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend! We had a very relaxed Easter Sunday over here. Church, then home to cook and spend the afternoon hanging out with my oldest daughter and son-in-law. 
It was very casual, and just what I hoped for our day. 

Spring is taking its sweet time getting to western Colorado, as it usually does. But we're finally seeing some green appearing in the neighborhood!  

I'm a little all over the place today, as I'm getting ready to have a little trip to Denver with my 16 year old, Mikayla, tomorrow. I'm super excited and I'll tell you what we're up to at the end of this post!

I just wanted to share a few of the creative things I've been up to the past couple of weeks. I've always been in love with fabric. I know I've said this before, but a stack of pretty linens really is like a work of art to me. The last couple of weeks, it seems to be all about the fabric and lamps! 

Remember my junk style garden fencing shade

This photo is a little distorted, but I've been working on updating it a bit by replacing the fabric strips with some panels of vintage feed sacks. You can find the tutorial for this unique shade over here

Yes, this is my dining area. Sigh. I really did have it straightened up for Easter, but somehow it always reverts to being the creative (super messy) space. 

I have a pair of these vintage Alacite lamps. I'm working on shades for them and plan to sell them when they're ready. 

A friend gave me this great old tattered lamp shade awhile back. I actually had it on one of my lamps 'as is', but my family really thought it crossed the "shabby" line- even for me : ) 

I'm really getting more comfortable with the sewing machine the past couple of weeks, and I'm working on making a new cover for the shade from an old laundry service bag. I will try to have it listed in the shop next week : ) 

This is the lamp I did have the tattered shade on at one time. I picked up this simple linen-looking shade at a thrift store for only $2.00 recently. I know it's a little over-sized for the lamp, but I can live with it until the next round of lamp shade shuffling! 

I'm really enjoying these scripture cards by Jones Design Company. Vintage flatware card/photo holder available here.  

I always seem to be a little slow on trying the latest 'popular' decorating elements. This is my first ever drop cloth project! 

I simply cut a drop cloth in half, folded the top down to achieve the length I wanted for the curtain rod already in place there, and hung them with ring clips. So easy it's almost embarrassing. I do think I will add another panel for extra fullness, but I really love the natural, soft look of this fabric and am looking forward to using it again. 

A few more fabric projects in the works...
I can't wait to show you what I'm working on for the shop, soon, including some never-done-on-the-blog-before baby items! 

And lastly today....my vintage "darling".....

Back in January, I shared the story (and a call for help) for this vintage chandelier my brother had given me over the holidays. It got broken on our trip home from California and I was not sure how I would proceed to get it repaired. You can see the original post about that here

Thanks for all the great advice you guys gave me about repairing it! I decided that since it might be a long time until I had money to have it professionally repaired, or even order replacement pieces for it, that I would go with what I already had on hand to at least attempt the repair myself. I knew if it didn't work, there would be no real harm done, and I'd just have to wait to get it repaired. 

What I already had on hand was two-part epoxy, and I'm happy to report that (so far) that seems to have worked just fine for reattaching the broken parts! 

I am fantasizing about how pretty this would look over the kitchen island, or replacing the unattractive ceiling fan in my bedroom! My friend Katie {a.k.a. the 'chandelier queen'} would have had this knocked out long ago : ) 

But to be realistic, living in a rented home makes it pretty unlikely that I will go to the effort of taking down an existing fixture and having this chandelier wired in. 

When I finally choose its perfect spot, I'll wire it up with a swag cord that plugs into the wall. Have I mentioned how much I love this thing? : ) A special thanks, again, to my brother and sister-in-law for this awesome gift. 


So what in the world am I making a six hour round-trip drive to Denver for tomorrow? Well, a Switchfoot concert, of course! (hehe) Yes, we did just see them in Aspen in November {a little about that here} but my teenager is the world's biggest Switchfoot fan, and she admires these guys so much. I sort of love the idea of the two of us heading out on a little adventure and making some super fun memories together. (A huge thank you to my friends for keeping the younger kids!)

Can I ask a little favor of you? If you are a praying woman {or man- wait, ARE there any men here? speak up! :) } As we head off in my "iffy" van, into the "iffy" weather and with my "iffy" sanity-ha! would you be willing to pray for us? 

You guys are just the best.

See you soon!


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Friday, April 18, 2014

Come and See...

This song has been a favorite of mine for several years and always comes to mind on Good Friday. I hope you will listen, and take in the beauty of what Jesus has done to assure us a place with Him in eternity. 

Blessings to you this Easter weekend, my friends!


Monday, April 14, 2014

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Update

Okay, I don't have a real farmhouse kitchen, I just wish I did. I actually live in a fairly new home right now, (which we rent) that leans much more toward contemporary style. But I have always loved rustic, vintage farmhouse style! Way back when, I think we used to refer to it as "country", but today I think the term "farmhouse" brings to mind the fresher image of painted pieces, ironstone and soft, worn surfaces with the simple charm I love. 

This is a photo of the real historic farmhouse that was very close to being ours. You can read a little about "the one that got away" over here

Since we're talking kitchen style, I thought it would be fun to throw in a couple of photos I came across from the kitchen renovation at our previous home (long before blogging) I wouldn't do the black quartz counters again, but I sure miss that huge cast iron sink and antique style faucet! 

I have a ton of photos today. On a day in the near future when the kitchen is out of control  full of life again, with dishes, cheerios on the floor, schoolwork, and children eating eating EATING, I will have my "neat" photos to look back on. Thank you, in advance, for indulging me : ) 

Come on in and hang out with me in the kitchen today! 

As you enter our home, this is the view of the kitchen to your left.

As I've mentioned before, the main level of our home is really just one not-so-big room that is the kitchen, living room and dining area. 

I recently shared with you my diy farmhouse style cabinet that I created from an old dresser to hide my ugly kitchen garbage can. 

Here's a reminder of the before and after

One of the other problem issues of this area was always having our used kitchen rags and towels waiting in a little pile by the garbage can to be transported to the upstairs laundry (not a pretty subject, I know). I solved that by placing a vintage enamelware pot next to the cabinet to hold the soiled towels until we take them up. Sort of like a mini hamper for the kitchen. 

I've had some comments about why I didn't turn this piece with the back facing the cabinet next to it. I did try it initially, but it stuck out too far past the cabinet into a walkway, and just didn't work for me. As you can see, the end of this wall has been our family's growth chart. That really high mark up there is my son-in-law. I hope he's not still growing! :)

Yes, the cabinet does come out a bit past the end of this wall, but I'm fine with it until a more narrow piece comes my way. I debated about what would go on top of the farmhouse style cabinet, but decided it will be the coffee station for now.

My daughter painted this drawer that came from the original dresser, and we hung it over the cabinet to hold our coffee cup rack and a small wooden crate that keeps the necessities close at hand. 

A small cabinet door chalkboard that I made quite awhile ago. Like I really need an invitation for a coffee break?

The counter to the right of the farmhouse style cabinet holds the electric kettle, my grandmother's blue and white cow creamer, and some recently acquired cutting boards.

I've hung a piece of antique baseboard to add a little interest to the soffit area above the stove. 

I thought this vintage sugar sack looked really cute on the front of the oven, but my kids are tired of me telling them not to wipe their hands on it! Function wins. I'll find another place for it. 

The "faux" ceiling tin behind the stove is a left over piece from a project at our previous home. 

I created a little shelf for glasses out of a panel from a vintage door that I picked up last year. It looks chippy, but it's been sealed with polyurethane. 

Yes, we truly do use these jars as drinking glasses every day. A vintage wooden box is perfect for holding small plates and utensils in jars. 

Above the sink, I replaced the french blue shelf with a large white wooden box. When you simply don't have the budget to buy many new things for your home, it really challenges you to recycle, re-purpose and re-invent what you have to create a different look. This large wooden crate is a perfect example. It has served so many different functions over the years! In our previous home, it held firewood next to the wood burning stove, it has been a wall shelf in my kids' room, a book shelf, a toy box and has held extra blankets in our winter living room. I was really happy to find it fits the space above the sink perfectly. 

I created a little hanging plaque from a wooden restaurant platter.

I don't need to open this cabinet above the sink very often, so I was okay with letting the "good food" sign hang down over the doors. 

A simple, neutral display on the white crate shelf above the sink- favorite ironstone pieces and a sweet iron bird my oldest daughter bought for me a couple of weeks ago. 

This is the nest we used in place of a ring pillow at my daughter's wedding

The white pottery pitcher and vintage flatware pieces were given to me by two different friends. I'm so lucky to have friends with great taste : )
 The round frame is a recent thrift store purchase. The ironstone butter pat, a favorite piece for many years, is perfect for holding rings while we're washing dishes. 

The rustic barnboard-looking piece behind the sink has been used in a hundred different ways around my house! I've used it as a photo backdrop for my shop items, as a tray, an art backdrop, etc etc. Do you want to see what this piece started out as? Get ready...


Ha! Straight from the 1970's. I had this exact poster on my bedroom wall when I was about 13! I spotted it at a thrift store a couple of years ago for around $2.00. 


I really liked the look of the wood, and thought I could probably scrape the old poster off (harder than I thought). I used it like this for a photo backdrop for awhile, and then painted it white at some point. I still love this piece! 

 I have a small collection of blue and white dishes, and every now and then I like to see them all out on display. Not sure how long it will last before my brain is longing to see all neutral again : )

On top of the fridge, some vintage floral trays in an old wire basket. The round tray belonged to my grandmother. 

There is a lot of wood in this kitchen! I like the way the painted stool and the painted farmhouse style cabinet break things up a bit. I've been thinking about the possibility of doing beadboard wallpaper around the back of the island. I would love to be able to paint the cabinets, but I don't think that's going to happen. 

Someday, my kitchen counter may look like this every day. For now, I'll have to be happy with a photograph : )

The bar stools are a work in progress. I love how sturdy and comfortable they are, but they came from a hotel in Aspen, and the original fabric definitely reflected a hotel feel. 

You would probably guess that I would want to paint these, but I really like the look of the darker wood with a lighter fabric. 

I've been piecing together some fabric pieces trying to come up with some sort of a cover that can be easily washed. Often. 

This neutral checked upholstery weight fabric (thrift store) is another thing that has served multiple purposes over the years from tablecloth to ottoman cover. I don't really want to tack it to the stools, because I know it will need to be washed regularly. So I'm trying to come up with a way to make an easily removable seat cover. 

At the end of the island, a few rustic baskets replace a dresser that's been moved to the basement. 

Some, holding the blown eggs my kids did recently, now waiting to be decorated for Easter. 

View to the kitchen as you are sitting in the living room  area. 

It's challenging trying to give our more contemporary kitchen some vintage farmhouse charm. I've tried to hint at the style I love so much, while trying not to be plain silly for the style of our house. As a renter, I can't do many changes to the space, and being on a super tight budget just means I have to use my imagination even more.
Coming up, I'll be sharing a few updates to the dining area, so be sure and stop by soon. 

Thanks so much for hanging out with me in the kitchen today! 


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