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Monday, August 4, 2014

Mystery Mayhem {and denial}

If you saw my blog tour awhile back, you may remember me talking about how my 'creative process' works. 
I get an idea for something I want to try and then mayhem begins. I need to SEE all the potential elements in front of me, which results in a great deal of mess until my plan comes together.
I head to the "possibility pile" and pull all of the things I might want to use together. Often, this process is happening in the middle of our living space. 

Hmm, wonder why the kids haven't spent much time downstairs this week.... 

Is it just me, or does that silly ceiling fan ruin this picture? {giggle} 
Oh well, we are just looking at possibilities in this mayhem...

I am crazy about my new #4 French house number, sent to me by a sweet blogging friend, Doré of Burlap Luxe

It was a heartfelt gift representing my four children, and along with it, her dear words of encouragement to me (also a gift). Visit her beautiful blog here, and her pretty and peaceful Etsy shop here

Let's pretend there's no ceiling fan. Much better : )

I have a lot of candle sticks and candle jars, but I think my favorite remains this humble old pickle jar. 
This is a vignette in the making. Just trying out some random things together...

I was considering using this large piano panel I've had for years in this project, but I think it might be too large.

I'm forever trying to find the right spot for my mason jar chandelier. Maybe I should cut it in half and make two smaller ones? Maybe I should sell it? 

Can you guess what I'm thinking of creating here in our tiny living room? I think it's going to sit just like this for at least a few more days yet, while the wheels are turning, and I finish up another project I'll tell you about in a minute.

So I have a little news that I think I'm in denial about. 

A couple of weeks ago we got word that the home we are renting is officially on the market. In fact, we are the center home of a row of five townhomes, and they are all for sale. 

Thankfully, one of the homes is currently empty making it unnecessary to show our particular home (they are all the same).
The realtor assured me that things will probably not move too quickly, and I do have a lease that they will honor through the end of September no matter what. 
I should be thinking about packing up and preparing for the possibility of a move, but instead I just keep creating mayhem, and more projects around here. Why??


If you follow me over on Facebook, you saw my denial manifested the other day, in the form of cutting up a door to make over the totally dysfunctional office area in our upstairs hallway. 

For the house we probably won't live in for long. 

I'll show you how that's coming along this week, as well as the mystery mayhem in the living room {when I get it figured out} 

Should I just keep cruising along in Denial World until I hear something about the house, or should I start gathering moving boxes? 
I'm really not ready to "be done" with this house yet! But God is in control and I'm open to wherever He leads. 

Thanks for coming by today! 


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  1. I would at least start looking, unless you can afford to buy it. Nothing worse than having to rush a decision at the last minute.

  2. Why worry about has enough worries in itself... I believe in your heart you will know when it is time...meanwhile...someone is going to be blessed with some great work and a townhouse in great shape.. Which of course, may cause it to sell faster.. Either way, God is in control if we allow Him to be! Love the door/desk. Looks so much more clean and simple.. Love the number vignette..Enjoy the creative process God has given you! Blessings!

  3. I'm looking forward to what you will create with that pile. I'm so sorry your unit is about to be sold. I hope you find somewhere even better to live. I love the numbers and the sweet gift.

  4. Jeanette,
    It is always something! So sorry your unit is on the market. You have made it into a sweet comfy home. Where ever you end up you will make it wonderful. Love all your pieces you have to work with. I see a few that should be over here in Junk Chic Cottage LOL! I can't wait to see what you do with it. Dore's gift is so sweet. She is just the sweetest blogger out there. What a special and sweet surprise.

  5. Oh boy! Just when you think you've got a plan...a monkey wrench! Well, on to new blank slate full of more decorating possibilities, perhaps! I recently saw a quote that said when one door closes, another surely opens, but those hallways are a pain!! Good luck!

  6. maybe i am different but i like to be in charge..i would be looking now while you have time to look before your lease runs is the biggest pain to have to move but even bigger pain if you have to rush.. good luck stay strong xx

  7. God is in control...and He will order your steps. If you are forced to move, it will be because He has a new place for you where you will meet wonderful neighbors, you will be a blessing to someone else, etc. Things will all work out, I am sure, and it will be a blessing in the end. Meanwhile, keep on creating! You are made in His image. :)

  8. Hi Jeanette,
    About the possible move, even if it does sale in September you would be considering the time of closing and escrow could be a 30 as much as a 90 day so it could add another month to 3 months before you would have to move. Plus when ever it sales they have to give you at least a 30 notice so you would then have 30 packing period.
    Let's pray that being the whole building is selling all 5 of them together right? That an invested buys them and if that's the case her will need renters and one of them may be you? Problem solved :))
    Plus agents always talk up the possibility of using them as property income so in Your case you may be that one that ends up there investment property. I am going to pray that you get to stay, and if not that one comes along next door that makes a real easy move for you. Check Into a low income HUD type buy perhaps you could buy the place and with low interest rates you can live with a lower buy mortgage then renting. If not I just know you next dream house will come along :)
    You my friend as so looked after!

    As for the ceiling fan, I hardly noticed until you brought it up, it blends in so well and really is not that awful, I have some light fixtures that need changing up that look a million times worst then your fan, you want to trade ?? Lol
    I love the mason jar chandelier it reminds me of when Maria at Dreamy Whites made hers and it hung over her dinning room table.
    I love your pile of wood salvage my pile is so low it's crippling my ability to get creative with wood projects so I will be now on the hunt for some great old pieces.

    Thank you Jeanette, not even expected, but so appreciate a mention.... I imagined it looking great in the mix of your salvaged beauty, but to see what you have done with it is that much more amazing, it shows so well in your home, and in love that it fits in like it belongs with the number 5's
    I have a 2 in the mix of my 7 a family number, but two being over here a number for my daughter and I.
    This post left me speechless, and choked up that I would be included in your beautiful mess of mayhem! And creating of beauty, rustic with charm.

    Love ya!
    Sister through him.


  9. All I have to say is that your Mayhem turns in to Magnificence! And it actually looks kind of cute just the way it is. Love looking at the wonderful pieces and imagining the possibilities! Love your sweet gifted #4 and your 5 as well. Wanting to make a number 7. Sorry to hear about your home, but you are a survivor and wherever you end up you will make it home!

  10. I love your term "possibility pile" and that name tells me that maybe this whole sale is a "possibility pile" in your life.

    Keep creating and keep positive about the future.

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