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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Vintage Chandelier Help?

About 7 years ago {when I was still married and working on sprucing up our family's home} I really wanted a chandelier for the master bedroom.

One day while puttering around one of my favorite thrift stores, I spotted a vintage brass chandelier on the floor amidst some other 'junk'. It was missing its crystals, but it was so pretty and the smaller scale I was looking for. I just knew it had potential. 

The price was very reasonable-I believe they were asking around $30.00-but I got it for $20.00.  I took it home, ordered some inexpensive replacement crystals online and my husband hung it in our bedroom. I decided after it was up that I really wanted it to have a distressed white finish, so yes, I stood on the bed and painted and wiped and painted some more until it had just the look I wanted. I loved it! 

When I decided to move from that home during our separation, I really wanted to take my chandelier, but for reasons too long and boring to share, it just couldn't happen. This isn't a sob story. In the scheme of things, we are just talking about a thrift store light fixture, right?
But I was a little sad that I had to let it go. And my grandmother's bench. And a darling vintage buffet. But I digress : )

Guess what? This Christmas, my brother gave me another vintage chandelier! 

It needs the candlestick sleeves, but most of the original crystals are with it.

Here's the "help" part
It got broken on our way home from California. Ghaa!

When we left southern California on Wednesday I had it wrapped in a blanket on the back seat of my van. We stopped overnight in Cedar City, Utah where the temps were well below freezing. Thursday morning, as we were loading up for the second leg of our drive home to Colorado, my six year old son forgot what was under the blanket, and fell on top of it. 

When we got home, I unwrapped the blanket and this is what I found. 


 One decorative arm and one wired arm were broken off. 


I'm speculating that the freezing temps in the van overnight caused the metal to be extra brittle and snapped when he put his weight on it. 

So what do you think guys, can you help me?

I can't spend a lot of money on this, so I'm sure hoping there is some way to glue the pieces back on. If you have ever repaired anything similar to this, or had to glue metal together, I would LOVE it if you would share your experience or give me your best advise for how to approach this repair!

This is one that's hanging in my brother's vintage craftsman home and what mine will look like when she's put back together : )

I'll be back soon with a fun tour of a darling shop near my home town!


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  1. I have seen replacement parts on E-bay. I don't think your arm will hold with glue or soldering. If it were me, I would try to find the replacement arm and rewire it. These are pot metal which is a little different to try and glue. I hope that helps.

  2. Hi Jeanette,
    I would try super glue or epoxy glue for metal. What do you have to lose with trying that first since they are already broken off. If that works great but if not then I would go the route of looking for replacement pieces. That is a killer chandelier I hope you can fix it easily. It will be beautiful.

  3. I do hope you can get your chandelier back together. I know nothing about repairing them, so I am no help.

  4. I have never repaired one, but I know if anyone can do it you can! Cannot wait to see it when you do :)


  5. Jeanette, I'm so sorry that happened! I purchased one for $40 that is almost identical. I painted it ivory and planned on hanging it in the basement guest room. Probably won't happen until my daughter and sil move out. I'm wondering if e6000 would hold it. It's a super strong glue. Or maybe someone could solder if for you. Hope you get some help!

  6. Yes, I would probably say bring it somewhere to be soldered. It's going to look beautiful!!!

    xoxo laurie

  7. You might try mending it with JB Weld.

  8. Oh no! Considering your luck with chandeliers, maybe they are not meant to be. If you really want to repair it, I'd start by going to a lighting store and asking for their recommendation.

  9. I think soldering would be the best best bet. It's a real beauty and you don't want to risk more damage if
    you try glue and it gives way at a later point. Hope it works out, a great gift from a sweet brother!

  10. Up late from out of Town work, I came to your blog site via the feature Artful Blogging, we share this same issue as my blog is also featured in the February 1st issue due to hit the stands. My copy arrived the other day and while reading all the beautiful blogs featured it was your story that touched me. Being a single mom as well and doing some home schooling I have embraced the beauty in all things possible.

    I also noticed that in the back of the magazine our headers are featured banners we love, there was a typo in print that listed me with your last name and you as having your last name.
    My name is Doré Callaway yét under my banner they wrote Doré Neel your last name, it could be worst but I shrugged it off and focused on the blessings of being at all featured with my name or not :)

    I am your newest follower and will enjoy all that you may be inspiring.

    As for the chandelier take it to your local lighting shop who do repairs. They may have parts from many vintage chandeliers, in fact mine here moved out of state and closed there doors to the public and they had your very arm do to a repair I did to a couple of chandeliers for a client who was very shabby chic.
    An arm from another found chandelier that maybe in worst shape then yours could also be a fix by taking one of the arms off to then screw to your base and run the wires.

    Ask around for any shop that does commercial and residential lighting and repairs I really think this is your best bet, a little welding with some spot welding might help as well.

    Enjoy your weekend, I hope you have received your Artful Blogging magazine issue so you can see the beauty you have created, and the grace in all you inspire.


    Doré Callaway

  11. It will be gorgeous-good luck! :)

  12. If you have any lighting shops in your area they would be a good resource. It should be a fairly inexpensive repair. I adore the shape of it. Also, I have to inquire what part of Colorado are you living in? My husband finds out next week if we will be transferred to the Denver area.

  13. Try JB weld. It comes in a tube and you can get it at a hardware store. It's worth a try, they may make different kinds for different projects. Your chandelier looks like cast aluminum? Maybe take the piece with you and ask someone with some knowledge (a good hardware store should have a knowledgable employee :) hope this helps.

  14. Another fan of JB weld. My husband uses it on everything that needs repairing, with wonderful results!

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