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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Shop Tour! Elizabeth Dean Boutique

The other day, I told you I'd be back soon with a fun shop tour, and today is the day!

Beautiful, historic, downtown Glenwood Springs is about 15 minutes from our home and Elizabeth Dean Boutique is one of my favorite shops. 

My oldest daughter and her husband live in Glenwood Springs, and recently she and I were out doing a little shopping for my youngest daughter's 10th birthday. Elizabeth Dean Boutique wasn't on "the list" that day, but when we passed by I just had to go in, and when you see the photos you'll know why.

Once inside, it occurred to me that I could share this place with you all! I dug out my little camera from the bottom of my bag and asked one of the shop owners if I could have permission to photograph for a blog post. She graciously gave me the okay, and here we are today. 

Sit back and enjoy a little tour of Elizabeth Dean Boutique!

The moment you see the outside of the shop, you know you're in for something special. 

Step inside that amazing door, and you are transported to a place of beauty and creativity.

Just inside, you are greeted with a pretty vignette including old photos, and a hand written page explaining the story that inspired the shop. 

There is an incredible mixture of old metal...

nature inspired elements...

reclaimed wood...

and gorgeous clothing and accessories. 

You'll find exposed brick walls, creating the perfect backdrop for boxwood topiaries, antlers and mossy monograms. 

Don't forget to look up! 

Look at these amazing giant paper flowers. Gorgeous.

 The shop is full of beautiful vignettes mixing old and new...

..rustic and refined.

These girls are so creative and talented when it comes to styling their shop! Look at this amazing iron garden trellis with a chandelier hanging in the middle, highlighting the clothing inside. 

A fantastic old ladder with the steps wrapped in vintage book pages. 

I don't know what this rusty blue metal piece USED to be, but it is now an awesome hanging light!

Displaying your items on an incredible vintage style piece of furniture automatically makes them look better, don't you think? 

Love the darling little moss and felted birds!!

And the adorable bird pillow!

  {silly me}

Beautiful candles..

...and cotton.

My purchase that day? Oh, if only money was no object. Sigh. 

I did buy these two sweet little heart stones that I showed you with my Vintage Door Valentine Mantel the other day

In October of 2011 my oldest daughter got married and my mom bought her darling "after-wedding" dress here. You can see all the details of how we pulled together a budget wedding in Aspen, Colorado {in about 30 days} here 

These girls can come style my home anytime they'd like ;)

Yes indeed, too cute! 

Unfortunately, they don't sell online right now, but if you're ever in western Colorado you can find them at 717 Grand Avenue in Glenwood Springs. 

My spur of the moment photos don't do it justice, but I appreciate you coming along on a little tour of Elizabeth Dean Boutique with me today! 


  1. Great styling! I saw lots of Decor Steals in the mix, did you? And I think maybe that large light was a cupola, perhaps? Love that iron mantle gazebo over the clothes! Jeanette, I also read the entire post on your beautiful daughter's wedding - so very awesome. I just did my own daughter's wedding last fall (there's a post about it on my blog about an affair to remember). It sure does feel good to do something like that on a budget, proving it makes it just that much better, doesn't it? Have a great rest of the week!
    Rita C. at Panoply

  2. Jeanette,
    What a wonderful shop. Ohhhhhh I would love to visit in that shop. I saw a few treasures that I would love to take home. Your daughter is beautiful and the wedding just gorgeous.

  3. WOW!!!! What a FABULOUS shop!!!! I am so taken with the furniture and props in shops like this. I have to go back and study your wonderful photos because there are so many ideas packed into this amazing shop!
    Mary Alice

  4. I love all the uniques light fixtures. Those types of shops can keep you looking for hours.

  5. What a beautiful space. Brick walls are wonderful for almost any type of display.

    Thanks for the virtual visit - it's all I can afford after our family vacation last week.

  6. Thank you Jeanette for such a terrific visit!!! Loved every inch of that store. Kept me scrolling back and forth over the photos. Have a blessed week! Kate xoxo

  7. What an amazing store. I love the brick walls and all their creative displays. Don't think I'd be able to control myself in there...thanks so much for sharing.

  8. What a lovely shop! So many interesting and unique details!

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