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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Prayer for Our Home

Autumn arrives, and as with each changing of seasons we find ourselves poring over magazines, Pinterest and a myriad of beautiful blogs for inspiration to beautify our homes. There's not necessarily anything wrong with that!

But today I wanted to take some time with you to thank the Lord, the author of all beauty. I invite you to join with me in acknowledging Him and asking Him to gently remind us that there is a beauty far more amazing than any image we will find in the online world.

Without His love and grace, anything considered 'beautiful' in my home would be empty and meaningless! 

{I didn't write this prayer, but I found it saved on my computer with no note of it's source. I added the chalkboard background, birds and leaves. I would be happy to give credit to the original composer of these words, if anyone knows who that is.}

God's blessings and grace to you as you ponder what it means to have a truly beautiful home this Fall. 

With love-



  1. So true! (Btw, I love the new picture of you!)

  2. Praise God we are able in our country to be free to acknowledge n pray for our homes n lives all to be blessed by our true


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