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Monday, July 15, 2013

Christmas in July-Vintage Style Wall Hanging

Anyone care to guess why I was painting a cereal box at 10:00 at night? 

Honestly, when I saw that the gals at Knick of TimeBliss Ranch
and My Salvaged Treasures were hosting a "Christmas in July" party I thought, "That's nice. Have fun with that!" : ) 
I wasn't ready to think much about Christmas, and I determined that I'd have fun looking at the party, but I wasn't going to participate. 
So what happened?? 

 I don't know! The party went up tonight, I started poking around and I thought, "Hey, it might be kind of fun to make something Christmas-y...". Which quickly turning into, "I MUST make something Christmas-y! Right now." Sure, I could have shared a project from last year, but...

Here's what I did: 

Back in January I showed you how I made these recycled paper wreaths starting with a cardboard forms cut from cereal boxes. 

Tonight, I decided to put another little project together using a recycled cereal box. 

Did you know you can turn cereal boxes inside out? Are you a little worried about me because I know you can turn cereal boxes inside out? Haha
Carefully open the bottom flaps. You want to try not to wrinkle the cardboard if you can help it. Open the side of the box where it's glued by running your finger along the inside of the seam.

 Fold it all back together inside out, sealing it with hot glue. Why not just paint the box on the outside? Well, it's glossy and colorful, making it harder to cover over with paint. Also, I just love the possibilities of the plain brown box.

 I can think of alot of different ways to put this together, including leaving the plain brown box. But I decided I wanted to create more of a contrast, and a weathered looking surface to this little project, so I painted front and sides of the box with regular black craft paint.

 I forgot to take a "during sanding" photo, but you can see the result. Did you know you can sand painted cardboard? 
I lightly sanded over the whole surface and then sanded most of the paint away around the corners and edges of the box. 

 I went to my paper stash and grabbed a Christmas song page from an old hymnal and a cute vintage looking image of a girl with a bird. I tied some white string around it, hinting at the look of a Christmas package. I added a tiny glittered pine sprig, and a rustic metal star.

I really dislike taking indoor photos at night! But what are you gonna do when you have a sudden desire to go to a Christmas party?

 I punched a small hole in the back of the box and hung it on a nail inside a weathered white frame.

Why did I suddenly feel compelled to create a Christmas craft from a cereal box at 10:00 at night in the middle of July?

Sometimes blogging makes you do weird things.

Come check out the Christmas party!

See you soon, friends!


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Christmas in July 


  1. Hi Jeanette, I'm visiting you from the Christmas in July party.
    I love this simple, quick Christmas creation you made.
    Only thing I don't I'm feeling guilty about all the cereal boxes I've thrown away. Never again!
    Thanks for a really great idea!

  2. Hi Jeanette,
    It is hard to think about Christmas here when it is in the 90's all week and very humid!!!! Your creation is great. I love that you could repurpose a cereal box and relove it into something so pretty.

  3. Well now I might have to have a sheet music Christmas this year. So cute. You were cracking me up starting this at 10.00 p.m., but sounds like it was tons of fun. If it were me? I would have started and then spent the rest of the night looking for the rusty star that I just knew was in a drawer somewhere.

  4. No, I'm not worried that you knew you could turn a cereal box inside out, because then I'd have to be worried about myself for already knowing that! You are too funny...hahaha, I already know I'm kinda weird like that...and late in the day/night inspirations are usually great ones.

    I like this project. Turned out very nice indeed. And I'm REEEELY liking that crinkle kraft paper still MY heart!

  5. Jeanette only you could take a cereal box and make it lovely, I love your Christmas in July project!!

    xo, Tanya

  6. That's right, when you decide to go to a Christmas party, then you have to bust out the lights and take the pics! Super cute holiday decor, I never would have thought of flipping out a cereal box, but I guess it's something we always have and never think of using. Your graphics are adorable! Following, A

  7. I knew I could turn it inside out...but it never crossed my mind to actually do it...until now :) turned out lovely

  8. I am SO glad you did! What a beautiful creation, I just love the entire look. I must say that I'll never look at a cereal box the same way again. My wheels are turning now. Thanks so much for bringing this to the party!!

  9. Thanks for the clever idea! I use my cereal box cardboard but have never turned the box inside out to use that way! Thanks!

  10. Everybody put to such shame :)
    This is GORGEOUS - what a brilliant idea!!!
    Love the music paper ...............really - it's just beauitful!
    How come you don't have an ornament on something's nose though LMHO????

  11. What a beautiful idea, you're getting me even more excited about xmas than I already am! Super pretty project!

  12. My husband already thinks I'm crazy for the ideas I come up with and totally doesn't understand my mania for thrift stores... made him smile big time when he came home from visiting his mom & sister with photos of our new old house and (sibling rivalry to the max here) she told him the decor is stunning.

  13. I love both of them! Last years was really neat, but then I saw the new one and was like "Whoa!" Love it!!


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