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Friday, August 1, 2014

Vintage Chippy Table Top

I sold my dining room table and 6 chairs last week. 

Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do, if you know what I mean.

I sold it to my neighbor who is moving, and today I watched the movers put it on the truck. 

I was really okay with letting the set go, but I admit for a brief moment I had a little 'pang' as one more piece of our former life fades to memory...

This makes up for it {smile}

As I shared on my Facebook page, this was enough to make me feel happy. Doesn't take much :) 

It looks a little like an old door, but it's actually a vintage picnic table. 

Friends are getting ready to put their house on the market, and when I went to a garage sale they were having, this table was being used to hold items for sale. It caught my eye, and when I asked if they would consider selling it, they said I could have it when they were finished with it. I was so excited! 

We had to take the legs off to fit it in my van and it, along with a very long vintage picnic bench, have been sitting on my front porch until I figure out exactly what I'm going to do with them. 

It was in the yard of their home when they purchased the property 17 or 18 years ago! It's solid redwood and it is heavy. 

So today while I was sweeping the porch, I decided I'd snap a few photos for you. My very impromptu vignette is a vintage hanger with a section of old, heavy cotton canvas clipped to it. 

A little bunch of dried baby's breath tucked into the pocket. All of 60 seconds planning :) 

Do you ever have snippets of fabric or pieces of clothing that you're saving for just the right project? That's how it is with this section of vintage laundry service bag. 
It's almost been a lampshade. It's almost been an apron...

This may or may not become our new dining room table. 

I'll keep you posted : ) 

Thanks for coming by today!


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  1. Good Morning Jeannette!
    I love the table top and a new table for your home could be made from this great old picnic table .
    After hearing how you sold the old one, it brought back a right,e for me where selling and replacing was a prowerful move for us as well, all sad to see the change take place but all and all it turned out to be the best move ever. It really forces one to look at life with new eyes and see a whole other side of all is good with change and freeing up space in our being to move forward for what's new in the horizon.
    It's going to be wonderful to see all the new little changes your create for yourself.

    About the canvas laundry bag, Lamp shade sounds great leaving the pocket on for some dried flowers to scent the room. I am sure it will become just what it wanted to be.

    See you soon and all you inspire, hope to see you do something with the table top.

  2. What a beautiful old table and it looks really lovely on the porch... for now ;o)


  3. Oh Jeannette I am in love with that picnic table top. That is so chippy and perfect. Love it. That would make a great new table for you. How sweet find the right legs and you would have yourself a wonderful table. Love it on your porch too. What a great great piece.

  4. Oh Jeanette. I love the table top. I hope the perfect legs come along to make it the perfect thing for you dining room.

  5. Whatever you do with it, it's fantastic!! LOVE it! :)

  6. It looks beautiful! Lovely porch vignette!

  7. I hope it becomes you "new" dining room table. I really, really like it. A lot.

  8. What a beautiful and inspiring vignette! Love the fabric and think it looks just perfect right there! Visiting from Thoughts from Alice link party.

  9. I never would have guessed it was from a picnic table - it totally looks like an old door! Either way - I LOVE it!

  10. Love your perfectly chippy table top...and your perfect little vignette :)

  11. That would make a great table! I love picnic tables, so nostalgic. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  12. It would make a great table, but I love it propped up for displays.

  13. This chippy table is looking awesome. I very like your this table

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