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Friday, March 22, 2013

Going Somewhere?

There's just something about a vintage suitcase that conjures up romantic images of travel and adventure.

Like many of you, I have a "thing" for vintage suitcases. I'm pretty sure my collecting started with the one with the black handle in the above photo. It belonged to my grandma, and I've had it since she passed away over 20 years ago. 

It's always great storage, (currently holding my Valentine decor) and it even makes an awesome photo prop : )

Who knows where these vintage beauties have been in their lifetime? I love the idea of having pieces that have a real history as part of any room.

These two are full of craft supplies, vintage sheet music and scrapbook paper.

But I can use my imagination and pretend I'm all packed for a fun adventure somewhere ; )

 This one?


Packed with everything we'll need to build that cabin in the woods!

This little cutie also holds craft supplies, but I'm sure some time, long ago, she was really going places.

 Goin' my way? (wink wink)

I know these two gents must have some travel stories to tell!

Right now they have the very mundane (but quite useful) duty of holding seasonal clothing and table linens. 
I just thought I'd throw these old gloves in (my grandma had the coolest stuff) for dramatic effect. Remember when ladies always wore gloves? A time long gone by....

Hey there, big fella!

This steamer trunk certainly has a history! I really wish that the passenger's info hadn't been torn from the steamer line tags! I can't assume the owner's family would want some kookie lady in Colorado tracking them down to ask about a trunk, but it would have been fun for me! : )
The original paper lining has had water damage, but I'm working on papering over the inside with old sheet music and decorative papers. 


It's either going to be put to use as toy storage in my son's room, or I'm going to sell it. I haven't decided just yet. 

My son is 5, and has a room to himself for the first time recently. I am really excited to get to do a real boy room for the first time! (he has three older sisters) He really likes maps and geography and I have alot of things I could use for a vintage travel theme. Wouldn't that be fun? He asked me recently if we could paint every wall AND the ceiling camouflage? : )
Yeah, I could be going somewhere (dreaming..)

Five months ago today (the 21st) I shared my first blog post!
I know this blogging thing is "going somewhere", and I have some ideas about how I want that to look. But today in acknowledging this short, five month journey, I mostly want to say thanks to YOU who have visited me, encouraged me, cracked me up, taught me, and have given me new hope in people's ability to be KIND to one another! Bloggers and blog readers are just awesome! 

Wherever this trip leads, I look forward to traveling along with you, I thank you for coming along with me and making the ride so sweet! 

Blessings to you, my friends-


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  1. After 2 and a 1/2 years we still have everyone's random, ancient suitcases in our garage, waiting to "go somewhere" ELSE... nothing around here as attractive as your babies, but yes, a good reminder that I'll be packing soon! Congrats on your blogging milestone and I am very thankful for your efforts. Lots of love, Dina

    1. I'm sure you remember (maybe want to forget? haha) that a couple of these will be making their way back in to your future home :)
      Thanks for being here, Dina!

  2. Love the suitcases!

    And a word for your sweet boy - let him have at least one camo wall or something in his room. They grow ups so fast. When my son was 5 he wanted his room painted in the color scheme of Jeff Gordon's race car. He was/is a huge NASCAR fan. So we painted each wall a different color to match his rainbow car, what he drove back then. Eventually he grew out of it. You can always change it to what you want after he leaves home.

  3. Love the suitcases, about to do a post about them too. They just look great!

  4. WOW!! I do love all of your suitcases!! What a gorgeous collection. Congratulations on your 5 month versary! Your blog is lovely and has such inspiring images / photography. Happy Easter too! J9 x


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