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Friday, February 1, 2013

Simple LOVE Banner

I don't usually do alot of decor for Valentine's Day, but I knew I was leaning toward doing a more neutral scheme in the things I would put out this year. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE looking at all the fun and colorful inspiration out there! In years past I've done more red and pink, but for some reason this year I'm in the mood to keep it more neutral {I'll do some colorful things for the kiddos!}

Sometimes an idea for a project pops in my head and I just grab what's in front of me and go for it. I had this scrap of linen-like fabric (I think it was a shower curtain in another life) that I thought I could easily turn into a LOVE flag banner. Here's what I did:

There was already a finished edge on the scrap of fabric, so I decided to just make that the top of each flag. I cut four rectangles, leaving the bottom rough, since I would be trimming that into the flag shape. No measuring, I just cut one the size I wanted and used it as a guide for the other three.


 I folded one of the rectangles in half lengthwise and trimmed the bottom at an angle giving me the flag shape I wanted at the bottom (just like you might do with a piece of ribbon to finish it).

Now I just used that first trimmed piece as a guide for the other three. I folded it back in half and put it on top of another folded rectangle, held the two pieces together and simply trimmed the bottom piece along the same angle.

 Four flags finished in no time at all!

I grabbed my plastic letter stencil sheet and an ink pad, and used my finger to rub the ink through the stencil. Please feel free to use whatever tools work best for you : )

Letters done, quick and easy!

I cut another finished edge off of the same fabric and simply hot glued each flag to it, and I'm done! You could also use a ribbon or piece of twine, etc.

 Soft, simple, neutral. It would be easy to embellish with a little lace or trim...hmmm.

As with my Recycled Paper Heart Wreath I shared yesterday, I'll show you this weekend how my neutral Valentine vignette all comes together. Thanks for coming by and see you soon!


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  1. sweet...simple...perfect!

    I love the "in another life" comment. I have a table runner I just made that was once a shower curtain. It is good to keep and reuse.

  2. Great idea to use an old piece of material - so simple yet so pretty! And I like that you "finger painted" the letters ;-)

  3. What a wonderful project! So sweet and simple...definitely on my list of "to do"!

  4. Ok your last two posts were brilliant! Well done!!!!


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