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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Another Paper Heart Wreath?

So, I don't want to run the paper heart wreath into the ground, but I had some questions about how to make the paper shreds on my original Recycled Paper Heart Wreath

The point of the project was that I made a wreath out of some discarded paper and cardboard items that were just lying around here.

When I was asked about how the paper was made, I was really thinking, "who in their right mind would make all those little crinkly pieces of paper??" 

Can you now see me raising my hand, sheepishly? 

It turns out it's pretty darn easy to make some crinkly pieces of paper, provided you have a good sharp pair of scissors.

Let me show you how I did it with some vintage sheet music. 

 I started with 5 sheets of paper and folded them all together just because it's quicker than folding each individual piece. You will separate the sheets before cutting.


I began folding the paper accordion style, like when making tissue paper flowers.

The smaller your folds, the more crinkly the final pieces.

When you're done folding it will look something like this. Sort of fan-like. Now you will separate the sheets.

Take an individual sheet of paper and refold it along the accordion fold. Holding it together, use your sharp scissors and begin snipping the end off in thin strips.

This is what you end up with from five sheets of paper. The wheels are already turning....This could be cute gift bag filler...or?..hmm. 

Okay, stick to the project at hand!

The folds are not exactly like the original one with the packing paper, but still kinda fun, right? Any old paper could work. I was even thinking of trying one made out of newsprint. I think I used about 10-12 sheets altogether to make this wreath.

That's my grandparents, WAY back when. They were so cute :)

One little tip: If you decide to make one of these paper wreaths, and think you might want to hang it in front of a mirror, cover the back of the wreath with paper also! That way you won't see the not-so-pretty cardboard backing in the mirror.

I was having fun taking a few shots of the wreath hung from one of my old windows : )

The snow is looking pretty thin on the mountain back there today!

Alrighty then, now you know. If you're feeling ambitious, and you've just gotta have some of that crinkly paper, it's really not hard at all. 
Hope you're having a good week, and see ya soon!


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  1. Love version#2 too! I truly want to make one of these!! :)

  2. this is so fabulous, jeanette! tfs:) i love the faux fireplace project, too!

  3. So clever, Jeanette. I love the look!
    Liz @ Quirky Vistas

  4. This is fabulous Jeanette ... I'm really loving your blog!

  5. Hi Jeanette! Thanks for sharing how to make a wreath like yours. So very cute! The view from your house is so very pretty. My son lives in Ft. Collins, CO along the "Front Range" looks a lot like your view in western Colorado. I saw your post over at Coastal Charm party.

  6. saw it at Creative Cain Cabin,I love this so much now I want to try,but it's to late for Valentine's,how about St Patrick shamrocks,couldn't we cut out shamrock and make green four leaf clover for St Patrick's Day????help with this idea.
    I'm your new follow....btw,GREAT that's AWESOME VIEW!!!!


  7. Hi Jeanette, I just came over from Becky's blog to say hi. I also live in Colorado-near Fort Collins and see we have much in common(I homeschooled my two daughters and now they homeschool). You have a wonderful creative blog and I'll be back to visit.
    Warm Winter Hugs, Noreen

  8. I love your paper heart wreath, Jeanette! It's beautiful!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  9. I love it, it is so pretty and putting it on the wooden hanger adds so much to it's charm. Thanks for sharing at the Cabin!


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