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Sunday, May 4, 2014

On the Way to the Lilacs {re-post}

***Today I'm re-posting one of my favorite days from last May, when 3 of my kids and I set out on the scenic route to find some Lilacs for our table. That cute little lamb up there ^ in my header is from that day and we met some other fun characters along the way, too :)
I hope you enjoy a little "Sunday driving"!***

I have seen so many gorgeous photos of Lilacs this week! In our previous two homes we had beautiful Lilacs in our yard, and I've missed that so much. Thankfully, the area we live in has them growing abundantly, so I set out today to find some to cut and bring home. 

I decided to pack a picnic for the kids and take the scenic route on my Lilac mission. 

Come on along and I'll show you some of the sights on the way to the Lilacs!

We live in a very typical suburban-looking neighborhood, but all around our neighborhood is farm and ranch country. Today especially, I felt like Colorado in May is about the prettiest place on earth.

Don't you love the old truck with a sign in the back for this organic farm?

We never get tired of admiring pretty horses.

My son "ooh-ed and aah-ed"  over this vintage truck, despite it's missing parts :)

My 9 year old daughter said of this charming little outbuilding, "You know Mom, I could live in that!"

Well, hello little fella!

Years ago, this historic farmhouse property was almost ours. It had a huge red barn, corrals, outbuildings and the original homestead log cabin still on the 3 acre property. It was going to be our country dream come true. But the seller ran into complications with the county which caused the whole deal to fall through. A developer bought this, and all the surrounding property. They tore down the barn and outbuildings and built a "fancy" subdivision surrounding the farmhouse, where the owners aren't even allowed to have animals. In the middle of farm and ranch country. Just crazy! The house was a little shabby back then, but I was going to make it so cute! :) It hasn't been touched since and has obviously fallen into further disrepair. Pretty sad, huh?


Well, let's head a little further down the road and take in some of the Colorado scenery, okay?

Notice the unusual wildlife in this location. 

We stopped at Rifle Falls State Park for our picnic lunch and a lovely nature hike.

I don't know what this breed of cow is really called, but we always refer to them as Oreo cows. 

One of the highlights of this time of year around here are all the lambs at the local farms. 
There's hardly a thing in the world cuter!

If lambs are the cutest, these next critters have got to be the most humorous looking! 

Alpaca farms are fairly common in this area, and these animals are always fun to see. 

 But when they've been shorn, they are just the most comical sight ever!

We squealed and giggled over these guys for about 15 minutes.

I hope we didn't offend them : )

We are getting closer to our mission.....

 Ahem...ladies...LADIES! You are not supposed to eat the Lilacs! I want those for my lovely farmhouse bucket in the middle of my table! Helloooo.....

 Mission accomplished!

Thanks for taking the scenic route with me, on the way to the Lilacs!


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  1. Thank you so much for the lovely walk through your little part of Colorado. Your creature photos are precious.

  2. The pretty cows are Belted Galloways. A Dutch dairy cow I believe. I also fell in love with them when I was living in Wyoming!

  3. I've never had the pleasure of living where there's mountains. Gorgeous photos!

  4. Thanks for taking us with you to get the lilacs....beautiful photos!! Alpacas sure do look cute, but kind of silly when their fur has been taken off. There is a farm about 15 minutes from where I live that have them and they make yarn out of the fur and sale it at a local craft fair.

  5. I actually remember this post because of that great shot you got of the cows by the lilacs. The is the best picture. Loved coming along on your journey.

  6. How beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love it all. Such a pretty place. Love your lilacs too. I just did a post with lilacs too.



  8. Absolutely breathtaking, each and every photo! I think I was I am country girl at heart! :)

  9. I never even saw any lilacs here. The ones by the corner and on the river trail were gone quicker than usual apparently.
    It's probably a good thing that we didn't get the Farmhouse. Someday. Someday.


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