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Monday, July 1, 2013

A Chippy Week

This past week included this:

A driver-less truck with a boat trailer attached came careening down my street and smashed into my van in my driveway. We live on somewhat of a hill and my neighbor up at the top of street had his truck/trailer parked on the street and I guess the brake slipped. His insurance company is taking care of it, thank God. But I'm even more thankful that my kids, or ANY kids weren't on the street or in my driveway! My van is "chippy", to put it mildly.

My week also included this:

I could say alot of things about my ex-husband, but here I will just say that he has a really nice dog : )

They (dog and ex) came to visit this week because he is moving out of state and wanted to spend a day with the kids, knowing it will likely be a long time before he sees them again. There are definitely some "chipped" hearts over here. 
I will refrain from all the negative things I could say here, and just share that this move has the potential to mean he will start supporting his kids again. If you're a praying person, I would sure appreciate prayers for that to happen. 

My week ended with this:

 Can you hear me squealing for joy??

Let's smashed, kid's dad moves away and it's all good 'cause I got me a chippy old door!! (giggle) 
A friend called Sunday afternoon and asked me if they could bring me an old door. Well, of course!
I know it seems a little shallow, but I really do believe it's the little things-those stepping stones of grace-that help you through the tough times. This old door makes me happy, and I need a little happy, ya know? 

One other fun thing-I received my "Hometalk Weekly" email newsletter on Sunday and found that my vintage trunk coffee table
was one of the featured posts! 

Who knows what this coming week will bring, let's just try to count our blessings and go with the flow, ok : ) 

God's grace to you!


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  1. Love the chippy door, but ouch to the vehicles.

  2. Sorry about the van, but definitely glad no one gt hurt. I am a dog lover, so those pictures really melt my heart.
    You are a wonderful person. That's all.

  3. We take the good with the bad don't we? Praying for you, today.
    I can't wait to see what you do with the door.

  4. So sorry for all the bad things, but you were definitely blessed in that no one was hurt in the incident and you got that beautiful door!

  5. Thought I'd comment here... hope the van works out o.k. Sounds like you had your own adventurous week- it's been a great almost- week here, lots of fun family time and a beautiful wedding (I met some kindred spirits and have one fun project to bring you!). Tomorrow we begin the long trek home in our new (used, but very nice) car. See you on the 4th! Dina

  6. I'm squealing right along with you over that door!! :)
    Sorry to hear about all your 'bumps' in the road-brighter days ahead!


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