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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Never Ending Kleenex

 Sometimes I have an idea about something to share, and then I think "Hmm....kinda goofy. Maybe I won't share that."

Well this is one of those goofy little things, but I'm going to go ahead and share it. I've had some nice messages this week from people who say they appreciate zero money creative ideas and this is one of those : )

Awhile back my daughter gave me a pack of lovely tissues. You know, the little packs of kleenex that you  can tuck in your purse.

They were just so pretty, it was hard for me accept that I couldn't make some other use of them!

I decided I'd open one up and scan it into my computer so I would at least have the pretty design saved. Yes, you can see the fold lines on the printed copies, but that doesn't bother me. 

On a birthday occasion, I needed to wrap a small gift and didn't have any appropriate gift wrap. I printed the scanned tissue and used it to wrap the little box, and it was so cute!


Then I decided to paint and decoupage some small wooden bowls I've had for ages.


I simply cut out a couple of the flowers and used Mod Podge to add them to the bowls.

This week I was looking for something to make some pretty paper hearts out of for the Love Note Station I'm going to set up for me and the kids. Again my lovely rose patterned tissue I scanned came to mind, so I printed a few sheets and cut out some heart shapes.


We are going to spend some time each day, the week leading up to Valentine's Day, writing something we love or appreciate about each family member on the hearts-even if we can only come up with one word for that day! :) 

I'll show you soon what we'll do with them after that.

And that's it! Scanning a kleenex? Yeah, it's a little goofy but it's given me lots of inspiration for little projects that don't cost any money, and I guess that was the point.

Happy creating, everyone!


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  1. That's funny, I felt silly about the pack of pretty tissues I put in your bag! :) Now you'll really want to get your hands on that bag! Hope all is well there- I've had zero decorating for V- Day (or, Chinese New Year), but my state-side kids cards are in the mail, so I am happy about that! Need an idea for my 3 girls... hmmm, do I have any pretty tissues laying around? :) Dina

  2. Nothing is silly about your post. You have used these several times. Very creative~

  3. that is very creative! good thinking outside the (kleenex)box

  4. This came at the perfect time for me! I have this really pretty floral gift bag that I looooove the print on, but hadn't figured out how to use it for anything. Scan and print! Genius! Thank you! ~Angela~

  5. You say goofy, I say great! Really, I would never have thought to scan a tissue. It really is clever and I love the floral design. Also love the comment about thinking outside of the box! Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.


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