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Monday, June 3, 2013

Painting the Vintage Trunk

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you had a good weekend. 

I spent some time yesterday afternoon working on a few projects I've been dragging my feet on for awhile.
You know, I have a perfectly good work space in the garage, but it has been so windy I couldn't paint with the door up yesterday, and I didn't want to be out there with the door closed. Silly, I know.
Some friends took my kids on a hike after church, so I blasted my Needtobreathe station on Pandora made a mess inside the house!

This one makes me a little nervous, (but not too much) I've had this antique steamer trunk for several years and for many months I've thought about painting it and possibly turning it into a table. Yesterday I stopped thinking, and started painting. My son shook his head and said, "Pooor old trunk..." haha.
I originally planned to paint over the wood trim, but my daughter convinced me to try leaving the wood first and seeing how that looks.

Obviously I was just snapping a few photos as I went along here, sorry it's a bit blurry. This is one coat. I'm thinking she was right, I really like the combination of the white and warm wood tones! What do you think? I plan to sell this piece, so I'll give you an update when it's complete.

Another piece I've had for many years is this very heavy panel that I think may have been part of a piano at one time? (another not so good photo, sorry)
I started painting over the natural oak finish awhile back and worked on it some more yesterday. It hung over the fireplace in my previous home for a long time (I added hanging wire to it, way back when) but I think I'm going to sell it. I'm not sure if I'll leave it as a wall hanging piece or...? It's just the right size for a full size headboard, so maybe I'll go that direction. 

My "baby" is turning 6 this week! He's hoping for fishing and a picnic at the lake on his special day, so I'll be working on that and lots more this week. 

Blessings to you-



  1. Hi Jeanette
    I absolutely enjoy the projects that you do! So full of inspiration to enjoy. I hope that you have a wonderful week and enjoy your babys sixth birthday!


  2. Your daughter had a great idea and am glad you listened to her because the trunk looks great! Enjoy the time outdoors for the birthday baby!♥♫

  3. Great call on leaving the wood on the trunk. I've always been a fan of the contrast of white with wood.

    Happy Birthday to your little guy. Sound like a fun celebration.

  4. Jeanette your trunk turned out lovely, your daughter was right! Happy birthday to your baby, those birthday's are so special :)

    xo, Tanya

  5. Glad you listened to your daughter. Very glad.

  6. Glad you listened to your daughter. Very glad.


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