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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Autumn Entryway (More Fall Love-Sickness...sigh)

Falling in love again...what am I to do? I can't help it....
Consider yourself fortunate you can't hear me singing it. 
So, I have a little antique dresser in my entryway that I recently painted. It was looking pretty cute, except that (you know how this is) it started to become the junk-dropping spot. Library books, mail, toys...a shoe? What the heck? Today I decided to give it some much needed attention with a little Fall love.

My friend gave me these lovely chippy candlesticks for my birthday a couple of weeks ago. And the log piece came from someone's firewood pile {sshhh}

I wasn't kidding when I told you that nature is art in our home. Cover your firewood, people : )

Last Fall my oldest daughter got married and we collected and pressed these gorgeous oak leaves for decorating the ceremony and reception. Yesterday I made a little hanging leaf banner out of them simply by tying some twine around each stem. Simple, natural, my favorite kind of decorating for Autumn!

The chunk of firewood natural log pedestal serves as a display stand for some of our collected bird's nests.

My little leaf banner hung on a vintage window. Sweet memories!

There you have it. I love that you come in the front door to a little moment of Fall happiness before you walk around the corner and have to see the dishes! -haha- Grab on to every bit of Autumn deliciousness you can, my friends!

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