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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Creativity and the Stepping Stones of Grace

Quietly pondering some important life issues this week, but one thing I know for sure-  
I am very grateful for our cozy and creative home. I hope you will enjoy some snippets from our little nest.

If seven year old boys were in charge of decorating

Silas turned 7 this week! He's having fun breaking in his new red drumsticks {when he's not "decorating"} 

Latest vintage hangers {sort of an obsession lately} picked up recently for .25 cents! I have something fun in mind for these.

Ten year old Amelia could spend her entire day drawing. "Toothless", from How to Train Your Dragon, is one of her favorite subjects. 

If you follow me over on Facebook, you saw that I sold my vintage crib chalkboard this week! Kind of bittersweet to finally let it go, but a woman with the last name of "Grace" came to me with money right when I needed it. No, that was not a coincidence. 

I made more vintage paper hearts for the shop this week. {available here}

Whether we are drawing, making music, or pretty photographs, creating is such a joy in our lives!

I am especially struck by God's continual grace to us this week, and I'm trying to focus on resting in these words from Jesus.

Love and grace to you, my friends. 



  1. Those paper hearts are just stunning!

  2. I think "snippets" are the best, Jeanette! Pictures and just a few words paint a lovely picture of ones life!

    I'm so happy for your sale. Life can very good! And I enjoyed the pictures of your sweet kids! :)


  3. In our early years when money was often tight, it always seemed like money would be gifted to us for strange reasons at just the right time - no accident!

    I love your sweet heart wreath.

  4. Love your story of "Grace". Pretty wreath.

  5. Love the sweet heart wreaths and so happy "Grace" is giving your cute crib chalk board a new home. Win win for all. Have a good week Jeanette.

  6. Love this sweet post Jeanette! Always enjoy your snippets. I sometimes find random decorating created by my grands. Always makes me smile. Amelia is an amazing artist! Sounds like the chalkboard went to a loving home. I found driftwood when our family was in Lake Powell. Now I just need to find time to make sailboats. Thanks for always inspiring me! and thanks for sharing with SYC.

  7. I haven't been getting enough visiting time lately! I sure enjoyed this post and seeing your beautiful rooms. You have such a fresh take on everything. I love the vintage hangers just as they are. So unique. I'm sure you will do something wonderful with them. Especially with your wonderful in house decorating team!


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