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Sunday, September 22, 2013

It's Really Autumn!

Happy "official" Autumn, friends!

I have been blown away by all the gorgeous Fall home tours I've seen this past week! Honestly, to get your WHOLE house "done up" for any season-technically before the season even starts? Well, I'm impressed. Not only with the beautiful homes I've seen, but with the amount of work that goes into creating and photographing those spaces, and all that goes with that. Such amazing talent out there!

I just haven't been very quick with the Autumn decor so far this year. Love love love looking at everyone else's, but just a little slower getting fully inspired for my own home. I'm totally okay with that. As I keep saying, I want Fall to arrive slowly and linger long. {smile}

It is a very blustery Sunday over here today. Low 60's, very windy and rainy. Of course this is the day I was going to put the garage door up and pull out all the stuff I need to get rid of. Really! I was! 

My oldest daughter has always been super creative and crafty. I must do a post one day to show you some of her darling creations. Last night we went to her home for a little movie party and she brought out this little owl she made! Her little brother squealed and went nuts over it, so she gave it to him. He slept with it last night, but he let me pry it out of his hands long enough to take a couple of photos today : )

Isn't he cute??

She had some very sweet Fall gifts for me this week, this handmade coffee cozy being one of them. Love it!

Since the weather isn't cooperating with my outdoor plan today, I'm 'forced' to work on something inside. I picked up this half of a pallet from a curbside junk pile last Spring, and it's been sitting in the basement just waiting for...something! Today is the day. Can you guess what I'm using it for?

Come on back soon and see what your slightly slow friend has been up to over here, okay? 

Happy and blessed first day of Autumn to you!


  1. I have also been following the fall home tours this past week. Your decorations are just as wonderful and that owl..... to cute! I want one!

  2. I love that your daughter gave the little owl to her little brother, SO sweet :) I have no idea what you are going to do with the half pallet but it will be wonderful I know that! xo

  3. Jeanette,
    The owl is adorable and your fall decor so pretty. Love it all.

  4. Beautiful as always. Just LOVE everything you do, sweet lady : )


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