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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Savoring Summer

Last August, my 15 year old was beginning to teach me how to start a blog. Yes indeed, not too proud to learn from a teenager over here : ) 
I know I was completely annoying, but she taught me alot, and I'm thankful, and I'm still here!
I did a couple of "practice posts" while I was trying to learn what the heck I was doing. This is a re-post {I use that term loosely, since I hadn't told a soul, except her, that I even had a blog when I originally posted this} of the second ever post I ever wrote. 
Anyway, just for fun I thought I'd take you back to last summer for a little cookie picnic by the river. A funny note about that "expensive" bottle of lemonade- we bought that several years ago on a trip to California. I saved the pretty bottle, and now we refill it with homemade lemonade when we want to make ourselves feel like we're doing something more festive! A little silly, I know.
Hope you're having a great weekend! 

Summer is slipping on by, and we aren't ready to let it go....sigh. 

We're grabbin' hold of some sweet summer memories with a cookie and lemonade picnic at the river park.


 Pretty vintage glasses and linens always make things feel a little more special.

We stopped on the way to the park to cut some wild Sunflowers
on the side of the road.


Lots of space to run after we finish our cookies : )

The frogs were the highlight of the afternoon for my critter-loving 8 year old!

~Wishing you all the beautiful summer dreams you can grab hold of, my friends~


*Re-posted from August 15, 2012


  1. I love to read your words Jeanette, you have such a gift for making us feel as though we are right there with you. Happy day friend :)


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