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Friday, January 4, 2013

Hello January!

How did it get to be January 4th already? Has anyone else been in a cookie coma? I was hoping to have a fun project finished and ready to share by now. But instead, the past few days have looked like this. A blur of tree branches, Christmas books and cookie crumbs.

 And this. This is not a fun project!! And it always takes me so long to put away. Sigh. 

I do have a few small projects in progress today. Yep, in the bathroom. Sorry.

The garage is just too freezing to work in, and downstairs is the Christmas de-construction zone. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, right?

The piano bench is getting painted and decoupaged with vintage sheet music and I think the long drawer front is going to be part of a wall shelf.

And I'm working on re-doing this hotel sign I made several years ago from an old kitchen cabinet door.

On a side note-I included this " Hot Chocolate and Coffee" sign in a previous post and forgot to mention what it was made from.

 I've had this wooden sign in my home forever. When I was moving things around for Christmas decor I saw it laying face down, and the idea to make a quick little wintery sign on the back side of it popped into my head. 


 I grabbed the white craft paint, and in a couple of minutes I had a new sign for the dining room shelf! Yes, I know I have no lettering skills, but I just wasn't willing to put more effort into finding a stencil, etc at that moment. I was hoping the messy "handmade" quality would add to the rustic charm : )
Anyway, when winter is over, I'll change out the twine for something different and just turn it over to the other side again!

I'm already seeing alot of Valentine's Day inspiration on Pinterest and some blogs. I peeked into my Valentine suitcase just long enough to show you my little cupid print. I'm having fun pinning, but I'm just not organized enough (or willing?) to "go there" in my house yet. I have to finish putting the Christmas stuff away tomorrow!

I hope this first week of a new year is being kind to you all! I intend to haul myself out of my cookie stupor and have something fun and FINISHED to share with everyone soon!



  1. I can't wait to see the piano bench finished!!

    1. I'm working on choosing the music, and HOPEFULLY I'll get it together soon!


  2. Looks like you've been very busy! Ugh, don't even mention the next holiday yet...I still need to recover from the busyness and crazyness of Christmas! ;-) I'm still working on fresh, winter decor and a lot of decluttering.

    1. I know Melanie! I feel like I'm recovering very slowly from Christmas :)


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