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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Just A Moment

Time marches on.Thanksgiving was a week ago (!) Christmas, and the very last days of 2012, lie just ahead.

 It's only natural, especially at this time of year, to be focused on upcoming events. Celebrations with family and friends, maybe some shopping....the big "to do" list. 

Today I'm challenging myself to be more present in the moment. Pull my head out of tomorrow and acknowledge what and who is important right now. After all, creating a life means recognizing this moment, too,  is my life, right?And it all just goes so very quickly.

Would you join me today? When things feels a little stressed, a little pressured, kind of overwhelming.....stop and ask yourself: if this was the last moment you had, what would really be important?

Peace to you, my friends, on this late-November night. 



  1. Beautiful Jeanette, your words are full of wisdom, and the picture of the angel with the sun shining says it all :)

    Hugs, Tanya


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